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Joanne's Pet Care

4334 Majestic Lane, Fairfax, VA

Hello my name is Rachel Woodward.

I currently work for my mother's pet care business called Joanne's Pet Care, located in the Chantilly area. She has been in the business for a very long time and I spent years tagging along with her because of my love for animals. I started taking on jobs of my own about four years ago and really fell in love with it. Now that I'm done with school I'm looking to work full time. We are very close with all of our clients and genuinely care about their pets' well being.
All jobs are done within the clients homes; we do not bring pets to ours. It's important to meet before a visit so you can show us the ropes, fill out paper work, and most importantly introduce us to your pets so they don't feel like a stranger is coming into their home.

Visits can be as short as 15 minutes and as long as 45. A typical dog visit is 30 minutes long and consists of walking, feeding, giving medication, grooming, changing water, or just goofing around with toys. What we do within those 30 minutes is up to you. If you just need your dog(s) let out and fed quickly we can arrange a 15 minute visit. A typical cat visit is 30 min long and consists a lot of grooming, playing, and loving. We also feed, give medication, change water, and clean litter boxes. If they are more shy and aren't looking for much attention we can arrange a 15 minute visit just to give food, water, and clean the litter box. At the end of each visit we leave a note letting you know all is well! :)
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