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Dogs Call Me Gina's Photo

Dogs Call Me Gina

St Street, Hoboken, NJ

Gina is a Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) with an Economic degree, whom also graduated from Lasalle College with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, whom services more than 16 years for animal welfare both in Turkey and United States.

In her professional career she also spent 7 years as a Director of Financial and Administrative Manager and has experience in various volunteer roles.

Before joining the ASPCA, she worked with different rescue organizations and shelters against animal cruelty and she is the Executive Board Member of Haysev Foundation.

During her adventure, she rescued different animal species and helped over thousands of abandoned animals for their transportation, sheltering, fostering, providing medical treatment, adoption and behavior modifications.

In this time period, she worked with different dogs started to present themselves. It wasn't long before other people took noticed of her skills, and started requesting her help for their own dog.

That's why in order to help more animals, she left her job and enrolled to Animal Behavior College. It was a giant leap in her life.

She graduated from Animal Behavior College and masters in 7 branches;

Dog Training
Pet CPR and First-Aid
Training Shelter Dogs
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
Cat Management and Training
Pet Nutrition and Diet
Pet Massage

She completed Fundamentals Of Dog Behavior and Training 1 and 2 by Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer.

She also completed Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals TNR Workshop and Shelter Behavior Seminar by Kelley Bollen.

She is coaching for Turkey and operates in NJ and NYC.
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