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Help Abused Rescue With Walks And Play

Part Time
Molly is a 50lb Border Collie mix. She was shot as a puppy and left to die in woods. She was aggressive when I got her approximately 2. 5 years ago. She is a different dog with a lot of professional help (Behaviorist/Trainers/medications) and more love than I thought I had. She is protective of the condo if you are a stranger, but I have been provided with instructions from strainer that have made that less problematic. She has NEVER bit anyone or another dog. In fact, she just likes to sniff and keep to herself during walks. She is scared at any sound that resembles a gunshot (car backfire or fireworks), and can be a bit jittery - it is important to not overreact or baby her... building her confidence is the most important thing (besides taking care of bathroom business) during her walks. We also have a fenced in yard to play in the back of the condo. Molly does NOT do elevators. We live on the third floor. I am a civil rights attorney. I have an intense pro bono (free service) two week project and will need help just to give her walks, love, and attention. I don't want to feel super guilty because she is used to spending all day with me. This is my first such project since moving to PA from DC, and I will need intermittent help in the future if things work out for you, me, and of course Molly. I will be home all two weeks. I live with my 85-year-old mother who will be here if I must leave for some unexpected reason. We will bring Molly out to the sitting area on the third floor so you won't even have to come into the condo if necessary. We can discuss whatever your comfort level. She is a sweet girl, but she needs someone that knows not only how to give love - but also encouragement for all the little things that come up on the calm neighborhood stress in an extremely safe neighborhood with sidewalks.
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FAQ for dog walking jobs in Wayne

How much do dog walking jobs pay in Wayne, PA?
The average pay rate for dog walking jobs in Wayne, PA on Care.com is $8.00 per hour as of April 2020. This rate may vary depending on how much experience you have working with dogs, how many pets the family wants you take care of, how often you will be needed to walk a family's dog and how much time the family would like you spend with each dog walk.
How can I find dog walking jobs near me?
Care.com has 1 dog walking jobs in Wayne, PA. You can search for local jobs by distance from Wayne and hourly pay rate. From there, you can read the specific job requirements and apply to the job that suits your needs. In addition, you can create a profile and wait to be contacted with dog walking job offer from others.
How can I get a dog walking job in Wayne, PA?
Dog parents want to know they can trust you with their pets, so it's important to fill your Care.com profile with pictures of the dogs you've walked in the past. This shows any potential client that you've got the experience necessary to take care of their dog and have a genuine love for animals. Be sure to mention how far are you willing to travel from Wayne and if you have your own transportation. Also highlight the techniques you use for rewarding and disciplining dogs so families know if they share your philosophy before hiring you for the job.