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Someone To Acclimate My Dog To Walking Safely Around Cars And People

Part Time $10 – 10/hr
Gig Harbor family needs a part-time sitter for 2 dogs. Must love animals! Our ideal match will meet the requirements below. I have two Old English Sheepdogs - always kept in short puppy cuts. My 11-year-old female did agility for 6 years and is calm and happy to walk just about anywhere. My concerns involved my male Old English Sheepdog, Colin - age 3. Colin has lived on a 10 acre equestrian property most of his life. He is not comfortable walking around cars and humanity in general. I would like to find someone to acclimate Colin to the world. I moved to Gig Harbor just a week ago and I'd love to find someone to walk Colin maybe twice a week - I'm totally open to days and timing - he needs to be out and about - learning not to pull on his leash and not to bark at passing cars or cower around people around him. He has led a sheltered life and is a pain to walk since he's so stressed/nervous about the big world around him. So I'd like someone to walk him where there are people and cars so that he becomes as relaxed as she on walks. I'm 65-years old and simply don't have the energy to take him separately to a busier location to teach him how to behave calmly in public. He's an adorable dog, but needs training on his leash in public. So I need someone with experience and patience and reliability to train Colin so that taking both Colin and Ginny on walks together is a pleasure for me and not such a challenge. He needs to learn not to pull on his leash and not to react to the "scary" outdoors. I need someone I can trust as my dogs are my family and I love them to pieces.