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Natalie S.|Pittsburgh, PA

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Natalie's Pet-Sitting in My Home or Yours

MY SERVICES include: I would care for your animal in my home as if it were my own. My animals are ALWAYS leashed and let out multiple (about 10) times a day. I care for no more than one family's animals at any given time. Larger dogs and even small dogs can be walked at request. House-broken animals are preferred, but training can be administered for puppies. Crate-training is always encouraged for nighttime, but other accommodations can also be arranged upon request. Your own food can be fed to them to avoid upset tummies and accidents. Gates are installed in my house to provide constant supervision and limit the instances of accidents, falling, etc. In-home care is also available! Cats can also be cared for in your home. Care includes but isn't limited to feeding, playtime, and cleaning litter-box. Bringing in mail, watering plants and feeding fish is also included in home care. Typical cost is $10 per day within 5 miles, or $5 per trip within 10 miles. Contact me for info. BOARDING COST: The cost is $20 per day for the first animal and $10 per day for each additional animal. This price is cheaper than ANY local kennel and you get much better care than they can provide; and being right in your neighborhood is HUGE plus for drop-off and pick-up, which can be arranged at ANY hour. If you find/have found a kennel that provides similar quality care at a lower price, price-matching is guaranteed and negotiable. Interviews can be scheduled in the form of a play-date in my home with my son and dog. My son has always known how to pet and play with animals and does not hit, pull hair, etc. ABOUT ME: I am a 30-year-old wife and stay-at-home mom who also loves animals. I grew up outside of Indiana, PA where I helped my family manage our family farm. It was a non-working farm, more of a hobby for my parents and paradise for young kids. We only grew our own food and raised animals for recreation and food (which is probably why I am a vegetarian now). From a very young age, I cared for all kinds of dogs, cats, and even goats, sheep, horses, pigs, and chickens. I belonged to the local 4-H and competed with my animals until my oldest sister was about to enter junior high and it was probably going to be no longer "cool" to do so. At that time, my dad moved the family into town.
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