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Deborah R.|Omaha, NE

$10-10/hr 2 yrs exp

Companion, Caregiver, or Homemaker Gigs; Part Time, Occasional, or One-Time Gigs

Hi! I am old-fashioned in values, very conscientious, and caring. My background includes work as a certified nursing assistant (Honor Graduate; 4.0 GPA) and providing excellent customer service in retail sales positions in malls while serving the entire spectrum of the public with tact, respectfulness, and true concern. My heart's desire was always to be a homemaker. I loved doing the domestic duties in my home when married, but I have been divorced for almost two decades now, and feel it would truly be a miracle if I should ever choose to marry again, given downward trends in societal values. I am a very strong Christian in a real, dynamic, personal relationship with the Lord (versus being 'religious'). I have done infant care, but it was almost three decades ago now. As a nursing aide in a hospital, I did direct patient care of primarily elderly patients. I loved working with the elderly and value them greatly, but could not continue doing the ongoing heavy lifting involved in that position, as I am tall (5'9") but do have a small frame (size 6). That experience was two and a half decades ago, now, but when something like this has been part of your training, and you did it as well as I did, you do tend to retain much of that education and expertise even later in life. My favorite 'career' was being a homemaker in my own home, with all the associated duties and chores; being a medical nursing assistant was a very close second for me. I excelled in customer service in retail because my personal philosophy is to try to treat others as I would wish to be treated. I am currently one of the many unemployed Americans in this economy. I am really struggling to not just 'survive' in life, though, but to truly do something worthwhile, that really matters to me, for a living, and to simultaneously be a blessing to others who need my care or services in their own life situations. I also have a sense of humor, and am the 'single Mom' of a pet cockatiel bird whom I have had in my life (and my heart!) for 18 years now. I regard caring for him properly as my most important daily job after honoring God's Call on my life in ministering Him/His Love to others I encounter. My little bird is totally dependent on me, and his care is my sole responsibility. While there will never be enough years to share our unconditional love for one another, his longevity does speak well of the level of care I provide him from my heart, as I have had him 'since the egg' basically! This is the high level of care I bring to anyone and anything I serve, as I do try to do my best when caring for others' needs. I live in downtown Omaha, and have a license but cannot afford a car. I walk or ride MAT buses to destinations. I am genuine, friendly, and compassionate. I struggle with organizational skills at times, and have always been more of a 'night person' than a 'morning person' for some reason. I am fairly energetic and in good health. Please note that due to my unemployment situation, I cannot currently afford a phone any longer, but I can arrange to borrow someone's or use a payphone, or even just meet in person if we decide to move forward in this. Also, while I am open to ideas and suggestions as to what you may require of me in service to your situational needs, I am personally not comfortable doing any assistance involving people experiencing any form of dementia, including Alzheimer's.

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