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Nozomi S.
  • Ab Fr.25 /h
  • Nürensdorf
- Nozomi Stutz (25 years old) - from Japan - language: Japanese, English, intermediate German
| My name is Nozomi. I am originally from Japan and now I live in Nürensdorf. Since I married my husband in July 2016, I have studied German in a language school and I have recently finished level B2. My mother tongue is Japanese and I also speak fluent English since I went to an international university in Japan and I also lived in the United States and in New Zealand for a while. I would like to not only look after and play with your children, but also supervise their homework and support their studies with extra materials upon request. The main subject I can support with would be English (basic-advanced) and mathematics (elementary-middle school level). Here is more information about my education and career experiences. In advance, thank you so much for taking the time. I majored in global studies and business in Akita International University in Japan. I also studied social psychology in University of Colorado in the United States for one year as an exchange student. After I graduated, I temporarily worked in the international center in my hometown, Ishikawa as an administerial assistant. I mainly took care of foreign customers by providing information about the service of the faculty, and translated websites and articles in English. I also supported business conferences and organized language exchange events for foreign people who study Japanese. It was such a wonderful opportunity for me to help and support foreigners who live in Japan and try to integrate into the culture. Afterwards, I also had a chance to teach English and mathematics in a private school. I taught children of the age between 5 and 16. I did not only give them lectures, but also counseled children with problems in school. I often advised students who want to go study abroad as well by sharing my experiences. Throughout this experience, I could not be more grateful to help innocent children to find goals and dreams in their future. It was also a great opportunity for me to learn how to patiently listen to and understand sensitive children's feelings and thoughts. Working together and getting through difficulties with them was a big challenge for me, but at the same time it was a great achievement. Since I was young, I have always loved children. When I was in elementary school, I often took care of younger kids in my neighborhood and played with them voluntarily. As a junior high-schooler, I also did an internship in a kindergarten for one month. I assisted a class with 30 six-year-olds. I mainly took care of the children through the day, looked after the play grounds, served meals and wrote reports to the parents. It was very challenging for me to take care of such a big group of young children at a time, but it was also very interesting to get to know all the children with different personalities and build friendships with each of them. I also learned how to be responsible and efficient with the work, and how to treat each child fairly and equally. Since this opportunity, I have always wanted to have a career related to children and child education. I am a very friendly and open minded person. At the same time, I consider myself as responsible, hardworking and reliable. If I get a chance, I will work with all the respect and dignity I can offer. I speak Japanese as a native language and I also speak fluent English and intermediate German. For the time being, I have a B2 certificate from a German School, but even after I start working, I will always be motivated to find time and improve my German. Although I do not have my own car, I am comfortable to get around with public transportation for work.
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