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Katarzyna Z.
Katarzyna Z.

Kinderbetreuung — 1201 Genf

1201 Genf
38 Jahre
10+ Jahre Erfahrung
Ab Fr.25 /h

Details zu Katarzyna

Dear Family,

I'm calme, enthusiastic and reliable person who loves children and has a lot of patience. I am 35 years old women and i have 3 years experience of taking care of kids and 10 years in hospitality.

Currently im working in 5 star hotel in the center of Geneva but i would like to back to swiss german part of Switzerland f.ex. Basel to improve and learn German.
During my last job as a nanny i was working for a family in suburbs of Geneva - I was taking care of a new born twins and a girl 4 years old. I was responsible for preparing meals for hole family twice a week, and breakfasts every day. Once a week hole day i was taking care of twins, and 2 Times a week 4 year old girl, i was preparing food, feeding the smallest, going out for a walk, going to the play ground, with 4 year old girl we were also going to the swimming pool, playing in the water and having fun. Once a week i was cleaning all house, laundry and sometimes ironing. Family was very satisfied from my work and I stayed with them 9 months.

During my previous job in a Zurich area for a Suisse family with 3 years old twin girls, i have 6 months experience. I was also working 4 days a week, taking care of girls, preparing healthy meals for them, eating together and putting big attention to manners. I was assisting with brushing teeth, going out for a walks, going to the play grounds, playing with them, preparing snack for afternoon walks, playing in sand. I also done some housekeeping like tidy kitchen, bathroom, girls room, hall and living room, also doing 2 times a week laundry and some ironing for family. My job was started at 7.30 am and was finished at 5.30 pm – 4 and half days per week.

As an Au pair in France/ Paris area I had over 1 year experience. I was taking care of 2 kids, little girl 6 months old and big boy - 5 years old. During school year I was helping mother in cleaning a house, and taking care of children. I was working in the mornings 1-2 hours and preparing kids to school (Sacha) and to creche (Romy). During the weekdays I was taking kids back home from school around 16:30, giving some snacks, playing, taking care of Romy- changing naps, giving a bath. I have valid driving license so I was driving a car to take kids to school/nursery and for some activities.

I'm absolvent of hotel and tourism industry studies, i have master degree, and nearly 10 years experience in hotel job (reception/marketing/housekeeping/breakfast service, etc) Three years ago i decided to travel abroad, to learn foreign languages, visiting new places and to know better other cultures. After year in France i start to speak french and communicate with French people. I'm living now in Geneva and i speak quite good in French but would like to moved now to Basel and start to progress with my German. Languages are very important for me.

I would love to join new family to take care of their children. To give the best from me to kids: my patience, humour, warm feelings, my heart. So if you are looking for responsible, kind and warm person here I am ;)

Best regards


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