Arrullitos Tuesday 9:15 am


This 45-minute “Parent and Me” Spanish immersion class will allow your little ones AND you to learn Spanish via the Natural Method. The goal is to provide babies a foundation for learning a second language. Children and caregivers learn the language and bond through lullabies, nursery rhymes, dance, and playing in a stimulating environment. Sound familiar? Learning a second language follows a very similar process to learning our first language. The curriculum combines fun rhythms, instruments, manipulatives, fine and gross motor skill exercises, and developmentally appropriate learning activities in a stress-free environment.

*It is not necessary for you to know Spanish in order to participate. We provide visual aids, translated handouts, and a Spanish/English song book that will help you follow along regardless of your familiarity with the Spanish Language. Parents will have full access to our ¡Viva! Spanish videos and audio.

$88 / month
1 month