Choose-your-own Adventure: Secret Agents (Ages 7-12)

Mon (7/27) 9am–3pm CDT
Tue (7/28) 9am–3pm CDT
Wed (7/29) 9am–3pm CDT
Thu (7/30) 9am–3pm CDT
Fri (7/31) 9am–3pm CDT
7 to 12 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only

You finally land with a crash. Looking up, you can see North Avenue above you. Dusting yourself off, you start to get up, when you suddenly see a light and door open behind you.
Do you decide: To explore the light? Or, to try to climb back out?
Our role-play camp is like a real-life video game using real science!
In our Choose-your-own-Adventure format, you hear the scenarios and make decisions to create a new camp each time! From glow-in-the-dark maps to quicksand booby traps. To sleeping potion blowdarts to secret gadgets and codes, harness the powers of hands-on engineering, chemistry, physics, to uncover evil plots and move the story along.

For Precare and/or Aftercare
– In EXTRAS: click on the (Precare 8:15-9am and Aftercare 3-5pm) link
– Choose which service you require and if you have multiple children click for additional child

For Non-Refundable 25% Down Payment Option
– In PRICE: check the Pay In Installments box

How to Sign Up for Camp:
– Summer Camp sign up is for the entire week
– Camp spots can be reserved by paying a non-refundable 25% deposit now. The remaining balance will be charged automatically on April 1.
– Before April 1, you can cancel your camp space before paying the remaining balance. The 25% deposit would not be refunded.
– Camps are non-refundable after April 1.

Please read our full cancellation policy and discipline policy before sign-up

$50 Precare 8:15-9am for the series
$100 Aftercare 3-5pm for the series
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Mon 7/27
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Tue 7/28
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Wed 7/29
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Thu 7/30
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Fri 7/31
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Mon 7/27
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Tue 7/28
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Wed 7/29
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Thu 7/30
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Fri 7/31
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