Dragons and DNA (Ages 7-12)

Mon (6/22) 9am–3pm CDT
Tue (6/23) 9am–3pm CDT
Wed (6/24) 9am–3pm CDT
Thu (6/25) 9am–3pm CDT
Fri (6/26) 9am–3pm CDT
7 to 12 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only

Calling all Villain Kids!
Welcome to Enchanted Prep! Once you’ve been sorted into your kingdom and discover your magical ancestry, we will learn to use chemistry and engineering to replace your lost magical powers.
Explore classes like: Enchanted Oceanography, Sleeping Potions and Poison Apples, Mining Blue Diamonds and more.
When we suddenly discover a group of dragons lost on the Isle, it’s up to us to rescue them before they’re captured by the evil Villains. From learning about different dragon species, exploring dragon anatomy, creating our own dragons and teaching them to fly and race against other dragons, creating glowing, bouncing dragon eggs, and more.

For kids who love movies like Disney Descendants and books like Wings of Fire, Land of Stories, Percy Jackson series, Harry Potter, and Sisters Grimm.

For Precare and/or Aftercare
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– Choose which service you require and if you have multiple children click for additional child

For Non-Refundable 25% Down Payment Option
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How to Sign Up for Camp:
– Summer Camp sign up is for the entire week
– Camp spots can be reserved by paying a non-refundable 25% deposit now. The remaining balance will be charged automatically on April 1.
– Before April 1, you can cancel your camp space before paying the remaining balance. The 25% deposit would not be refunded.
– Camps are non-refundable after April 1.

Please read our full cancellation policy and discipline policy before sign-up

$50 Precare 8:15-9am for the series
$100 Aftercare 3-5pm for the series
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Mon 6/22
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Tue 6/23
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Wed 6/24
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Thu 6/25
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Fri 6/26
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Mon 6/22
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Tue 6/23
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Wed 6/24
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Thu 6/25
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Fri 6/26
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