Choose-your-own-Adventure: Last Zombies on Earth (Ages 7-12)

Mon (8/3) 9am–3pm CDT
Tue (8/4) 9am–3pm CDT
Wed (8/5) 9am–3pm CDT
Thu (8/6) 9am–3pm CDT
Fri (8/7) 9am–3pm CDT
7 to 12 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only

Can you survive? A virus is spreading across Chicago, and it’s turning ordinary people into hideous, hungry zombies! But lucky you: you’ve found refuge at The Laboratory – for now. But you’ll need to use your creativity, math, and science skills to make the choices to survive.

Our role-play camp is like a real-life video game!

Understand how zombies think and move by learning about the brain. Calculate how fast the disease is spreading. Create survival tools from found objects, develop strategies to hide and outwit the mobs of zombies outside. Only the fastest thinkers survive. And the rest of us? We’re off to zombie-land, where we will need to understand our own anatomy and physiology to keep our arms and appendages from rotting and falling off. We will learn the stages of zombification, identify the best chances for staying fed in an urban environment like Chicago, and what we need to do to survive…as a zombie.
For kids who love books like The Last Kids on Earth

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$50 Precare 8:15-9am for the series
$100 Aftercare 3-5pm for the series
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Mon 8/3
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Tue 8/4
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Wed 8/5
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Thu 8/6
$12.50 Precare 8:15-9am for Fri 8/7
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Mon 8/3
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Tue 8/4
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Wed 8/5
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Thu 8/6
$25 Aftercare 3-5pm for Fri 8/7
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