Camp n' Carry Kit


Staying home this summer? Not able to attend summer camp? Going on a long car trip with nothing to do?
Let us bring summer camp to YOU in our Camp n’ Carry!
Do one project a day or spread them out as you wish, there is something fun and educational for everyone! Build a forest of magical growing trees surrounding the hut or habitat you create for the outrageous creatures you sculpt. Add a fun playground or a fortress, a spinning merry go round or whirling widget, it’s totally up to YOU! This Camp n’ Carry Kit is all about using your imagination, nature and even products on hand to cut, color, grow and build! It is chock-FULL of fun and there is no limit to what you can do!

Deadline to order this Kit is June 26th

Supplies needed from home: markers, scissors, tape, elmer's glue and hot glue

Low Temp Glue Gun - If you'd like to order one from us ($6) please CLICK "continue shopping" at check-out then CLICK "Store"

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Delivery and pick up ON MONDAYS.
Kits w/Online Classes are delivered the Monday BEFORE your class begins.

$50 plus 8.25% sales tax