Pre-K Five Little Monkeys in a Tree Kit


Can you hear the monkeys chattering in the trees? Oh no… along comes Mr. Crocodile and SNAP… one of the monkeys is gone! Based on the song, “Five Little Monkeys in a Tree”, you and your child can create a play set which includes a tree, monkeys and an alligator. Also included is the Five Little Monkey poem and 2 flying monkeys. The best part? The play set will encourage hours of imaginative play for your child. PLEASE NOTE: to connect the tree to the base, a low temp GLUE GUN is recommended.

To purchase one of our glue guns ($6), be sure to CLICK “continue shopping” before you check out, then CLICK “Store”.

Supplies needed from home: scissors, glue. markers or crayons, hole punch
brown permanent marker for tree trunk (optional)

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$20 plus 8.25% sales tax