Udderly Awesome Cow Specialty Kit


Moooooooo! At the Studio Bella Ranch, Udderly the cow is known for her name, cuteness and bell. At 6 inches tall, she comes with a mini milking pail and a cute kitten companion. Kids will create and learn a bit about animal sciences. "Udderly" is the name of our cow, what will you name yours? Your dairy cow can reside at Playroom Ranch, Windowsill Farm or Desk Pasture. This special kit can be enjoyed for anyone 5 and up!

Supplies: Key supplies are included. Supplies needed from home are: scissors, markers and glue.

Low Temp Glue Gun - NOT required but makes drying time faster! If you'd like to order one from us ($6) please CLICK "continue shopping" at check-out then CLICK "Store"

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