Gender Creative/ Gender Spectrum Outdoor Summer Camp (6-10yo)

with Susanne
Mon (7/6) 9am–4pm PDT
Tue (7/7) 9am–4pm PDT
Wed (7/8) 9am–4pm PDT
Thu (7/9) 9am–4pm PDT
Fri (7/10) 9am–4pm PDT
In business since '11
6 to 10 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only
$479 Waitlist
Option to defer payment until June 6 and May 6

Each day we will pile into our 15-passenger van* and, depending on the weather, head north to the Marin Headlands, east to the Berkeley Hills or south to the beach, the woods, a park, a playground...or when the weather doesn't permit, we'll head indoors. Fridays we stay local, enjoying S.F.'s parks and playgrounds. Our van will be equipped with binoculars, stomp rockets, balls, frisbees, buckets, shovels, art supplies, books for the ride and much, much more!

Some of our favorite places:
Coyote Point, Redwoods Regional Park, Tilden Park- Little Farm, Lake Anza, Ryder Park, Old Mill Creek, Schoonmaker Bay, Wildcat Canyon, Junipero Serra County Park, Orange Memorial Playgound, Point Bonita Lighthouse, Crab Cove, Albany Beach, Lands End, Stern Grove and Julius Kahn Park!!

Drop off 9-9:10am on East Conservatory Drive, Behind the Conservatory of Flowers, pick-up 3:50-4pm. Please visit URL linked below for a pin of the exact location.

*A 15-passenger van is considered a "Bus." Children will be wearing seatbelts.

This week is designated for gender creative children who identify on the Gender Spectrum as Binary or Non-Binary and their family and friends who love them as they are. All are welcome! The gender spectrum encompasses a myriad of possibilities- Cis gendered children who just like the stereotypical opposite genders clothes and/or hairstyles and/or activities, to children who identify as Transgendered, and those who identify as transgender, but love the clothes and/or hairstyles and/or activities of their birth gender.

The week will be run in its "regular" manner, not focused on gender discussions/lessons, though if things come up naturally, we will support and discuss. We will share our preferred names and pronouns and enjoy our time together being kids in nature! We will carry a "Gender Neutral" bathroom sign and always escort children to the bathroom to assist in being comfortable in public spaces.

Each child should have a backpack that they can carry on their own. Inside the backpack, please include a hat, water bottle, lunch, sunscreen, jacket, and extra clothes. (Please apply sunscreen to your child each morning before camp.)

$40 8:30-9am (351 5th Avenue, San Francisco 94118) for the series
$100 4-5:30pm for the series
$10 8:30-9am (351 5th Avenue, San Francisco 94118) for Mon 7/6
$10 8:30-9am (351 5th Avenue, San Francisco 94118) for Tue 7/7
$10 8:30-9am (351 5th Avenue, San Francisco 94118) for Wed 7/8
$10 8:30-9am (351 5th Avenue, San Francisco 94118) for Thu 7/9
$10 8:30-9am (351 5th Avenue, San Francisco 94118) for Fri 7/10
$25 4-5:30pm for Mon 7/6
$25 4-5:30pm for Tue 7/7
$25 4-5:30pm for Wed 7/8
$25 4-5:30pm for Thu 7/9
$25 4-5:30pm for Fri 7/10