Once Upon A Novel: November Edition

Wednesday, Oct 30, '19 from 7–7pm
13 to 18 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only
$150 plus 3.95% admin fee

The leaves fall, the air turns crisp, and the sun only sometimes peeps through the gray of the clouds. What better weather for cozying up with a book? YOUR book. The one you've been dreaming of writing. November is National Novel Writing Month and for these 30 days students will receive daily prompts and inspiration to get them through writing their novels in a month. We will provide structure and a supportive community to writers looking to dig into fast-drafting a novel. We'll be kicking our inner editors to the curb for this low stakes class that will focus more on community than craft; though students will have the option to join workshop groups to support one another. The only posting students will do will be to report writing progress to our group, though everyone may also submit up to 1000 words each week for instructor feedback. Whether this is your first attempt at writing a novel or your tenth, we'll be here to support you as we journey together in making your dream of writing a novel come true!

Please note that the course runs online from November 1-30 but we set up the registration page as a single event so as to simplify the registration process for customers.

*This course is open to ALL students aged 13-18, including those in our Novel Writing Program. A minimum of 12 students must register by October 31 for the course to occur. In the event of a cancellation students will receive a refund. No refunds will be offered after November 5.

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