15-Day Vegan Challenge - Moving Toward a Plant-Based Diet, together!

Weekly on Mondays from Mon, Oct 5, '20 to Mon, Oct 19, '20
Mon (10/5/20) 7:30–8:45pm PST (75 min)
Mon (10/12/20) 7:30–8:45pm PST (75 min)
Mon (10/19/20) 7:30–8:45pm PST (75 min)
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For adults
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15-Day Vegan Support Journey - For Health, For Earth, For the Animals!
Mon Oct 5 - Mon Oct 19
via Zoom/Email/YouTube

Offered by Charity Kahn in partnership with Recess Collective*

Have you considered transitioning to a plant-based diet for health, environmental, or ethical reasons? Are you curious about what eating more plants and less meat/dairy would look like for you and your family? Do you have questions about how and why you might make these changes?

Then this loving, fun and yummy no-judgement 15-day exploration in community is for you!

This experience is meant to be an inspiration to incorporate MORE plants and LESS meat/dairy for 15-days (rather than an all or nothing thing, although you could treat it that way if that’s what’s calling you), and an opportunity to LOOK DEEPLY and BEAR WITNESS in a loving container.

This will be a SAFE and NO-JUDGEMENT space, and there will be opportunities to explore, using various mindfulness-based practices, our internal and societal beliefs/biases/habits/conditioning at the root of our food choices, and what it might look like to shift them.

During our three classes, Charity will weave in ethical teachings on interbeing and non-harming, plus various relevant mindfulness, compassion and inquiry practices to hold us as we explore. And she'll provide practical knowledge like nutrition facts and her favorite recipes and techniques to strengthen your foundation for the journey.

This is also meant to be a celebration of every additional act of kindness we together as a group put into the world through our food choices over these 15 days! We live in a world where it's not always clear how to reduce the immense suffering that exists, yet our food choices have the potential to play a concrete and immediate role in alleviating some of that suffering. Now that’s good news!

To further support you on your journey, Charity will send out daily emails and journal prompts, and share her favorite (easy and cheap!) recipes, tips and tricks, and hopefully even some cooking videos. There will also be an option to participate in a live co-cooking session on Zoom, where we’ll all cook a meal together!

Our Vegan Journey will consist of:

1. THREE ZOOM CLASSES led by Charity Kahn:

Monday, Oct 5, 7:30-8:45PM (Kick-off)
Monday, Oct 12, 7:30-8:45PM (Mid-journey check-in)
Monday, Oct 19, 7:30-8:45PM (Celebration!)

(Charity will remain on Zoom for 15 minutes after each class for additional Q&A)

(These classes WILL be recorded and made available in case you miss one, but we encourage participation so we can all support each other, all the time!)

Charity will send out daily support emails, including tips, suggested journal prompts, inspirations, and RECIPES, and be available to respond to your questions.


Charity will share a few cooking videos, and (fingers crossed) we'll figure out how to co-cook something on Zoom! We'll also have a buddy system so you have someone to check in and share with between our gatherings. Additionally, there will be suggested documentaries and articles for you to engage with if you want to go deeper.

Participation in the course includes one 40-minute private session with Charity where you can ask all your questions, and/or get mindfulness-based support for your journey. After registering, you’ll receive the link to schedule your one-on-one.

PRICE: For the Package - $150 per household

Discounts available:
- FREE for BIPOC (use code: BIPOC)
- FREE for Frontline workers (use code: FRONTLINE)
- $30 off for those experiencing financial strain and for those who participated in Charity's recent "Intro to Mindfulness for Parents/Teachers” or “Mindfulness for Exceptional Times” courses (use code: COMMUNITYCARES)

$10 Optional Add on Donation for Recess (increments of $10) for the series
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