Web Development Summer Camp

Daily from Mon, Jul 22 to Fri, Jul 26
Mon (7/22) 12:30–3:30pm (3 hrs)
Tue (7/23) 12:30–3:30pm (3 hrs)
Wed (7/24) 12:30–3:30pm (3 hrs)
Thu (7/25) 12:30–3:30pm (3 hrs)
Fri (7/26) 12:30–3:30pm (3 hrs)
12 to 18 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only
Option to defer payment until June 1
$30 sibling discount available
Discounts available when you purchase two or more eligible events!

Whether your child has a dream to launch their own startup or even a passion for design, mobile apps, and websites, learning web development is the perfect way to develop in-demand tech skills. Our half-day summer camp is the perfect place for your child to learn how to code or develop their existing coding skills. Our unique project-based approach offers an engaging opportunity for students to not only learn new skills but apply them directly to the creation of their own website.

About the Course:
This course teaches the basics of developing web applications by learning HTML and CSS, two of the core technologies for building websites. Students will begin the week by creating an outline for their website and deciding which features they want to include. They can choose between an informational website or a portfolio based design to display future website projects.

Teaching Format:
Throughout the week, your child will learn from instructional videos, which are enhanced by in-person teaching. After camp is over, students will have the ability to rewatch lessons as many times as they’d like and get help from our online community. This gives students the opportunity to truly master skills at their own pace.

Continued Learning:
We understand that one week is a short amount of time to learn an advanced skill. That’s why we offer courses year round so students can continue to level up their programming skills with additional courses on building interactive javascript sites, blogs, and trivia games.

Not sure if your child is interested in web development?
It’s important to find a program your child is excited about learning. To help find the perfect path, we also offer a half day game development camp and a discounted full-day summer camp with courses in both web and game development.

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