Mothersong Chorus - Weekly Women's Singing Circle!

Sunday, Sep 8 from 3:30–5pm (19 days away)
In business since '16
For grown-ups
Option to defer payment until December 1, November 1, October 1, and September 8

Note: Mothersong is offered on a sliding scale. The amount above reflects the highest payment tier. Codes to access lower tiers are below, just read on... :)


Do you love to sing?

Would you like to develop your confidence as a singer?

Do you ever yearn for a greater sense of sisterhood?

If so, then come join us for Mothersong Chorus!

Mothersong Chorus is a weekly singing gathering, led by Noe Venable. We are a warm, intergenerational community who gather every week to sing together and enjoy one another's company.

Our repertoire draws on folk singing traditions from around the world. Some of the traditions we explore are hypnotic sacred rounds and chants, joyous South African freedom songs with gorgeous, easy to learn three part harmonies, mystical Jewish niguns, and uplifting modern circle songs.

We are a singing group, a talking and listening group, a place to get closer to spirit together. You don’t need know how to read music — songs are taught the old-fashioned way, by ear. Nor do you need to be a confident singer. Together, we create a safe space for singers at all levels of comfort and ability.

Our season ends with a sharing for friends and family. However, this is not primarily a performance-oriented group, and our meetings are not rehearsals. Mothersong Chorus is a place to take refuge in sisterhood and find strength in the uplift of shared song.


Yes! If you'd like to try out Mothersong before commiting, just email me at, and let me know your intent. We look forward to welcoming you to our circle!


To help keep Mothersong as accessible as possible, Mothersong is offered on a sliding scale. You choose which tier you'd like to pay at, and then this amount may be paid all at once, or in 4 installments. (Same price, just divided into four.)

To access the lower payment tiers, you will need to enter a code at checkout. To make sure you choose the right code for your tier, read on!

Our season includes 19 meetings, including the final concert. The amounts below reflect paying $15, $20, or $25 per meeting plus a little extra to split the cost of venue rental for our final concert. You choose your payment tier.

Full session $495
Installment Plan: Deposit of $99, followed by four monthly installments of $99 each
(To pay at this tier, no code is needed.)

Full session $400
Installment Plan: Deposit of $80, followed by four monthly installments of $80 each
To pay at this tier, enter this code at checkout: LOVE

Full session $305
Installment plan: Deposit of $61, followed by four monthly installments of $61 each
To pay at this tier, enter this code at checkout: WE ARE A VILLAGE

If you join us after the season has started, cost will be prorated. (Note: This discount will not be reflected in your initial purchase price, but will come in the form of a partial refund, to be issued after your first payment is received.)

Thank you so much for supporting this group at the level you can afford. ❤️


Q: Do I need to be a mother to join this group?

A: No, our group is open to ALL female identified persons.

Q: Do I need to commit to the entire session?

A: Yes. This level of commitment helps us establish a warmly supportive culture where everyone feels safe.

Q: Can I try the group before I commit?

A: Yes. You are welcome to attend one meeting to try it out for free.

Q: Are auditions required for this group?

A: There is no formal audition. However, we do require that everyone can carry a tune while singing with other people. The great news is, this is totally a learnable skill! Occasionally, I may suggest that someone invest in private lessons to get a little extra support, either with me or with a different teacher.

Q: Can I join you after the season starts?

A: You may definitely join us any time in the first month and a half. You may also join us later in the season, with the permission of the director.

Q: Can I bring my child?

A: In a word, yes. The songs we sing are really on point for women and older children. However, there are younger children who come too, and one of our most enthusiastic singers is five years old! Whether it works depends on the child’s individual temperament. I welcome you to try it out, and see how it feels to sing with your child present.

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