Totally Tech Makers

Mon (6/20) 9am–3pm PDT
Tue (6/21) 9am–3pm PDT
Wed (6/22) 9am–3pm PDT
Thu (6/23) 9am–3pm PDT
Fri (6/24) 9am–3pm PDT
7–11 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only
10% sibling discount available
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Hey are you a total tech Makers or want to learn how to design and engineer fun gadgets this summer?

Join us in our Totally Tech Makers programs as we learn how to translate our design ideas into digital models that can then be 3D printed. This course will provide kids with a full-immersive hands-on experience introducing engineering foundational skills, while learning how to integrate these principles into digital assets or 3D prints. Through a blended learning approach students will learn how to transform their creativity and imagination into interactive and immersive art using softwares like TinkerCad, Microbit and Blender.

Projects will include learning how to design and print 3D parts, then be introduced to a small micro bit project with parts that will be used in their gadgets. During the second half of the course we will continue to build our skill in 3D modeling to learn how to take those designs in digital assets used in the software of blender. Once students learn how to design digitally the skills are transferable through many mediums. Students will explore art and design through color, shape, digital image composition, and simple character animation. They will also learn interactive storytelling skills and problem-solving along the way.

Will be provided by our school partner. Please email for more details

Material Fee: You will need to bring $50.00 in cash or check on the first day of class to cover the material fee.

STEM, art, nature, play, academic, and coding
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