The Magical Language of Music: Foundations of Music 2 (Fast/Slow)

Weekly on Wednesdays from Wed, Aug 4 to Wed, Aug 18
Wed (8/4) 1–1:30pm PDT (30 min)
Wed (8/11) 1–1:30pm PDT (30 min)
Wed (8/18) 1–1:30pm PDT (30 min)
6–8 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather
50% sibling discount available
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The language of music begins with a discovery of how sounds can change. There is no need for a separate musical instrument for these classes, the only instrument required is your voice! With the Loving guidance of Mrs. H, a healthy approach to singing and an introduction to the changing sounds in music is explored through storytelling, singing, movement, art, and more! A gentle and holistic approach to music literacy, The Magical Language of Music courses are not one in which ideas are committed to memory... they are learned by Heart.

In this session, children will be introduced to the idea of how music is created through fast sounds and slow sounds. Mrs. H will share a short story that embodies this concept, followed by activities that will allow the students to experience in their bodies and voices the idea of Fast and Slow. Inspired by blending the Kodály approach to music education and the Waldorf approach to literacy, this holistic method provides students with an enjoyable experience that allows them to conceptualize this important concept that helps to lay the foundation for musical literacy.


- computer/smart device with the ZOOM Conferencing App installed
- Main Lesson Book (a sketchbook works perfectly, or loose papers that can later be bound together)
- good quality crayons

For week 3, the student will also need:

- 1 sheet thick painting paper (watercolor paper is ideal)
- 3-4 colors water-based paint (tempera is perfect!)
- 3-4 small disposable cups (reusable plastic is absolutely fine)
- 3-4 craft sticks (aka popsicle sticks)
- cup of water (for thinning paint)
- tape (masking or invisible both work. Even painter's tape!)
- freestanding or tabletop easel (or a painting board/cutting board with a willing helper to hold it upright. :) )
- paper towels

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This online class is experienced via the online conferencing app, Zoom. Please download the app prior to the first class meeting.

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On the day of your student's classes, just set them up with their supplies for that week's class and make sure they are in a comfortable environment with minimal distractions. Then click the link and we are well on our way to our musical adventures!