On Demand STEM Kit: "Weather" (TK - 1st Grade)


GIGIL's On Demand STEM Kits are meant to create a fun learning experience from home. Our On Demand STEM Kits are an ideal alternative to in-person summer camps. These kits are also a great addition for homeschooling families. Each lesson is taught by a California credentialed teacher using core education standards.

GIGIL’s “Weather” STEM Kit includes everything from rain to shine! Our lesson will touch on topics including weather patterns, weather forecasting and why weather changes with the seasons.

Lesson #1: Our first lesson will introduce the different types of weather patterns and children will track weather throughout the week to determine a pattern.

Lesson #2: We will get a closer look at a few different types of weather and re-create it with a snowstorm in a cup and the water cycle in a bag!

Lesson #3: How can we categorize seasons? What types of weather are associated with each season? We’ll be analyzing weather patterns and writing down our observations.

Lesson #4: How does the weather affect the clothing that we wear? We will discuss the importance of weather forecasting as it helps humans prepare and plan. Students will come up with a wardrobe plan of their own!

Lesson #5: Oh no! There is a rainstorm coming to town and we need prepare by creating a structure that will withstand heavy rain and wind! Children will be given supplies to build a structure strong enough to survive the rainstorm.

Each On Demand STEM Kit Includes:
- Access Code to stream On Demand Learning Videos
- A complete STEM Kit that will include supplies necessary to complete experiments. *Some materials including basic household liquids (water, vinegar, etc.) are not shippable. On rare occasions adults may need to supply small portions of liquids or other common household items (i.e. large mixing bowl) for use.
- Free Shipping

Adult supervision is required for all at-home experiments.