On Demand STEM Kit: "Plants + Animals" (TK - 1st Grade)


GIGIL's On Demand STEM Kits are meant to create a fun learning experience from home. Our On Demand STEM Kits are an ideal alternative to in-person summer camps. These kits are also a great addition for homeschooling families. Each lesson is taught by a California credentialed teacher using core education standards.

With GIGIL's “Plants + Animals” STEM Kit, your littles will explore what plants, animals, and humans need to survive as well as how they survive in different environments. They will observe behaviors and survival techniques of different animals within the animal kingdom and see the plant life cycle firsthand!

Activity #1: What does a plant need to survive? What makes a human and animal different? Kiddos will plant a seed and we’ll introduce the plant cycle. They’ll also observe human and animal behaviors.

Activity #2: How do animals survive in the wild? Children will design a solution to a human problem based on what animals use in their specific habitat.

Activity #3: Why do birds build nests? We will build our own bird nest and learn how baby birds survive.

Activity #4: Do all animal babies look like their parents? Let’s compare and contrast adult and baby animals!

Activity #5: How is a plant’s uniqueness beneficial, for survival, in their specific environment? See how humans are inspired by plants to help solve human problems!

Each On Demand STEM Kit Includes:
- Access Code to stream On Demand Learning Videos
- A complete STEM Kit that will include supplies necessary to complete experiments. *Some materials including basic household liquids (water, vinegar, etc.) are not shippable. On rare occasions adults may need to supply small portions of liquids or other common household items (i.e. large mixing bowl) for use.
- Free Shipping!

Adult supervision is required for all at-home experiments.