Summer Middle School Program - Online: Roblox - 3D Animation

Mon (7/5/21) 1–4pm PDT
Tue (7/6/21) 1–4pm PDT
Wed (7/7/21) 1–4pm PDT
Thu (7/8/21) 1–4pm PDT
Fri (7/9/21) 1–4pm PDT
11–14 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather

DESCRIPTION: Our popular summer program will take your middle schooler to places in Roblox they may have never been before. In this in-depth course, students will delve deep into character design and storyline. Utilizing 3D modeling, asset creation, character design, world building, and Lua coding, students will build a fully realized world complete with NPCs (non-playable characters). This program will enhance your child’s understanding of creating games and help them create compelling storylines that will take them from one world to the next. With so much content and ways to explore and expand their game, each week will expose them to something new.

-Full refund, up until 3 weeks prior to start date.
-No credits nor refunds for absences due to illness or otherwise.
-Easy change of weekly camps if your schedule changes, with advance notice and based on availability.


PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING PRIOR TO THE START OF CAMP! The use of caps, bold, italics is because not taking these steps in advance will reduce the cool things we can accomplish, and lessen the experience for everyone. We see the frustration on young, and adult faces as everyone waits while families that didn’t follow these steps catch up. If you have questions, please call us prior to class at 424-280-4654. Thank you in advance for improving this experience for everyone.

We’ll use Zoom to teach this class, if you don’t already have Zoom installed, please do the following on the same computer you will be using for the class.

Task 1: Visit the following link--it should prompt you to download Zoom. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need to run and install the software.

Task 2: Please test your Zoom audio before class. See here for a how-to on that:

You will receive a zoom class link through our reminder email.

You’ll need a PC, or Mac for this, ipads, Chromebooks will not work. Roblox Studio is NOT the same program that your students use to play Roblox--additional install IS NECESSARY and you should come to class with all of this already set up!

Task 3: Ensure that you have Roblox Studio installed. Go to (, and click the button mid-page that says "Start Creating". This will prompt the webpage to check and see if you already have Roblox Studio installed.

*Please note, in testing this process we encountered some issues downloading Roblox Studio with Chrome. Should you encounter issues downloading with Chrome, try a different web browser (Safari, Firefox, Edge). We had success with Safari.
This class requires a Mac or PC computer.
If you do not have issues, a button will appear that says “Download Studio”. Click that button.
Once downloaded, you will need to open the file to run and install Roblox Studio. Once the install is complete, it will prompt you to log-in.

*If your student does not already have a Roblox account, follow the directions below.

Task 4: From the login prompt, follow the link that says “Not a member yet? Sign Up”, or navigate to ( Create an account and follow instructions regarding confirming the email address.

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