Summer Camp - Online: Minecraft - Co-Op Survival

Mon (7/12/21) 9am–12pm PDT (3 hrs)
Tue (7/13/21) 9am–12pm PDT (3 hrs)
Wed (7/14/21) 9am–12pm PDT (3 hrs)
Thu (7/15/21) 9am–12pm PDT (3 hrs)
Fri (7/16/21) 9am–12pm PDT (3 hrs)
7–12 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather
$250 1 spot left!

DESCRIPTION: Summer Camp challenge mode activated in this return to the basics of Minecraft where the only thing that matters is survival. Campers will have to work together (should they choose) to mine for ore, grow food, and build a shelter because when the sun goes down…the monsters come out to play. Every week is a new map, which means a new survival challenge. Can your child face different odds each time? This brand new theme is a DD exclusive in 2021

-Full refund, up until 3 weeks prior to start date.
-No credits nor refunds for absences due to illness or otherwise.
-Easy change of weekly camps if your schedule changes, with advance notice and based on availability.


PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING PRIOR TO THE START OF CAMP! The use of caps, bold, italics is because not taking these steps in advance will reduce the cool things we can accomplish, and lessen the experience for everyone. We see the frustration on young, and adult faces as everyone waits while families that didn’t follow these steps catch up. If you have questions, please call us prior to class at 424-280-4654. Thank you in advance for improving this experience for everyone.

We’ll use Zoom to teach this class, if you don’t already have Zoom installed, please do the following on the same computer you will be using for the class.

Task 1: Visit the following link--it should prompt you to download Zoom. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need to run and install the software.

Task 2: Please test your Zoom audio before class. See here for a how-to on that:

You will receive a class link through our reminder email.

This class requires any computer with a web browser (Mac or PC Computer).

A mouse is strongly recommended.

If you already have a Minecraft JAVA Edition account and are sure Minecraft JAVA Edition is installed on the computer your student is using, you are all set and we'll see you in camp. If not, please continue below. Please note, an account for Minecraft Pocket Edition, or the Minecraft mobile app edition, will not work.

Task 3: Ensure that you have purchased a Minecraft account (if your student did not already own one). If you need to acquire an account, go to (, choose "Computer", choose your Operating System (Chromebooks and tablets will not work), and then purchase Minecraft JAVA Edition. It should then prompt you to download and install Minecraft.

Task 4: If you already have a Minecraft account, but don't currently have Minecraft installed, please go here ( to download, install, and run Minecraft. You will then be prompted to sign-in to your account.

Please please PLEASE make sure to check all of these boxes before class time. We'll see you in camp.

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