eLive Class - Minecraft: Redstone Engineering

Tuesday, Jun 2 from 3:30–5pm PDT
Weekly on Tue starting Wednesday, Mar 18 and ending Wednesday, Jun 3
7–14 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather

Our eLive class allows students to participate in workshops, as well as interact with classmates, and ask questions of the instructor--all virtually from the comfort of their own home.

This class requires a computer running either Windows or Mac OS, a Minecraft account, and Minecraft: Java Edition downloaded and installed prior to class.

Description: Turn your Minecraft structures into Redstone wired fortresses with automatic lighting and secret doors. Create challenging obstacle courses with moving blockades and timed traps. Learn programming principles with Redstone triggered Minecraft commands and command blocks that make characters and structures do amazing things--from controlling the time and weather to spawning creatures and portals to other dimensions.

If you already have a Minecraft JAVA Edition account and are sure Minecraft JAVA Edition is installed on the computer your student is using, you are all set and we'll see you in class. If not, please continue below. Please note, an account for Minecraft Pocket Edition, or the Minecraft mobile app edition for iPads or other tablets, will not work.

Task 2: Ensure that you have purchased a Minecraft account (if your student did not already own one--you are essentially purchasing the game for ~$30). If you need to acquire an account, go to (https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/get-minecraft), choose "Computer", choose your Operating System (Chromebooks will not work), and then purchase Minecraft JAVA Edition. It should then prompt you to download and install Minecraft.

Task 3: If you already have a Minecraft account, but don't currently have Minecraft installed, please go here (https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/download/) to download, install, and run Minecraft. You will then be prompted to sign-in to your account.

Please please PLEASE make sure to check all of these boxes before class time tomorrow. We'll see you in class.

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