Ward School Sept 2021 Before School Care

Weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from Mon, Sep 13 to Thu, Sep 30
Mon (9/13) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Tue (9/14) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Wed (9/15) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Fri (9/17) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Mon (9/20) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Tue (9/21) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Wed (9/22) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Thu (9/23) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Fri (9/24) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Mon (9/27) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Tue (9/28) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Wed (9/29) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
Thu (9/30) 7–9am EST (2 hrs)
All ages
Drop-off: kids only
$123.50 Waitlist

This program is geared to provide low-yield activities for the students and create an enjoyable atmosphere as they prepare for their school day.

At end of Before Care, younger children are escorted directly to their classes, and older children walk to their classes.
** Please note we do not provide breakfast. **You can bring a snack or breakfast for them if needed.

All children and staff will adhere to NYS Dept. of Health COVID guidelines, as applicable. Register for full month or choose individual dates via "Drop-In".

* * Children must be registered and required forms submitted, prior to attending. * *

Important Information:
1) Before Care program will begin at 7am. Please do not arrive any earlier than that start time. Prior to that time, our staff will be preparing the space for the children to have an enjoyable morning.
2) At drop-off, no parents will be allowed in the building. A staff member will be present to greet you and your child(ren) and will escort them to the gathering area.
3) If your child(ren) needs to have a light snack or breakfast, they will be provided the time to do so. During their snack period they will be properly socially distanced to allow them to remove their mask while eating.
4) Children will gather in a centralized area and will participate in small activities while maintaining a 3 feet distance from any other child. Weather permitting, there will be some opportunity to go outside and enjoy fresh air prior to the school day.
5) Throughout the time they are indoors with our program it is mandatory that they keep their mask on. If a child misplaces or forgets their mask, there will some available on site to replace them. We will be following all safety guidance presented by each school district.

Drop Off Information:
Ward Elementary School
Location: Multiple Purpose Room
Drop-Off Location: Drive down to the lower parking area and go to the far door on the right of the building by the banisters. Someone will be at that door to escort them in.
Snacks and/or breakfast will be permitted for the children.

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