MIXED MEDIA MANIA (ages 5 - 12)

Mon (4/19/21) 9am–3pm EDT
Tue (4/20/21) 9am–3pm EDT
Wed (4/21/21) 9am–3pm EDT
Thu (4/22/21) 9am–3pm EDT
Fri (4/23/21) 9am–3pm EDT
5–9 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only
$285 Waitlist

Explore the world of sculpture! Campers will begin to gain an understanding of basic building techniques while learning how to be expressive using clay, cardboard, paper, plaster, wire and much more. Mix up you materials and use a little bit of everything to create a wide range of 2-D and 3-D artworks.

This camp will be split into two age groups.

Campers must bring a snack, lunch and water bottle each day.

If your child needs to bring an EPI-PEN or INHALER, please place it along with a picture of your child inside a clear bag labeled clearly with your child’s name.

We encourage SUN PROTECTION as well, as snack/lunch takes place outside (weather permitting)

Cellphones and electronic games are not permitted for use during camp. These items must be turned off and stored in campers bags during camp hours. They may be used during extended care hours provided they are not disturbing other activities.

$40 8am-9am extended care for the series
$40 3pm-4pm extended care for the series
$20 Artists' Exchange T-Shirt for the series
$20 Artists' Exchange Sweatshirt for the series
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