WABAN Week 4: Let's Go Camping! / ¡Vamos a acampar!

Mon (7/26) 9am–3pm EDT
Tue (7/27) 9am–3pm EDT
Wed (7/28) 9am–3pm EDT
Thu (7/29) 9am–3pm EDT
Fri (7/30) 9am–3pm EDT
15 mos–5 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only
5% sibling discount available

This week's "Campers" (students) will create an outdoor scene, converting the classroom into an artful space full of mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and beaches. Students will read and sing inside a unique tent they will design with recycled materials, helping to instil environmental sensitivity and a desire to conserve. We will be camping in magical places in the Caribbean, Guatemala, The Amazon and in the beautiful Andean regions of South America. We’ll study the diverse fauna we will encounter through our camping trip (including a surprise visit of real 'wild' animals brought to us by Curious Creatures. Children act out camping activities as well as creating items for outdoor use such as kites and fishing rods.

$15 aftercare 3 to 4 pm /$15 a day for Mon 7/26
$15 aftercare 3 to 4 pm /$15 a day for Tue 7/27
$15 aftercare 3 to 4 pm /$15 a day for Wed 7/28
$15 aftercare 3 to 4 pm /$15 a day for Thu 7/29
$15 aftercare 3 to 4 pm /$15 a day for Fri 7/30
dance, cooking, art, play, music, and language