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Jacqueline P.|Staten Island, NY

$10-20/hr 3 yrs exp 35 yrs old

Hello. My name is Jackie and I have been in the health care field for nearly 7 years being a care-giver and friend to many elderly people in need. My passion for health-care began while I was away at college. I have always had two passions in regards to a career, which were criminal justice as well as nursing. The connection in both of those lines of work, is that they both involve the most self sacrifice and dedication to helping those in need. In college, I had a difficult time deciding on a course of study as it was hard to choose between the two. I chose both. I have a BA in Criminal Justice, and while studying Criminal Justice, in my spare time I volunteered my time to helping elderly patients at a nursing home down the street from the college called Sunrise Assisted Living for as long as they needed volunteers. I met and befriended many wonderful seniors there. I volunteered at nights after class and weekends. At the home, I took the seniors for walks, or wheeled them around if they were unable to stand. I was in charge of an exercise program where I would teach good ways to exercise to a class of seniors. I learned the duties of recreational therapy and found out each seniors hobbies and interests and set them up with activities based upon their personal wants and needs. I watched movies with them, read to them, had meals with them, played board and card games with them, and anything which kept them lively and entertained. I was transferred to the Alzheimer ward which dealt with patients suffering extreme memory loss. I would meet the seniors with Alzheimers, become their pal, and moments later it was as if I met them for the first time, as they did not remember me. It involved reminding them who I was, who they were, where they are and why, what they needed to do that day, and reassure them that everything would be okay, day after day. It involved a huge heart, thick skin and patience. I loved it. I dealt with very special cases and difficult to care for seniors. I have heard them speak of their problems, seen their tears, and endured their anger. And that is when I grew passionate about caring for them, when I realized how needed I was. When it came time for me to leave, I moved back to where I was from, and secured a career in the criminal justice field. While I did that, I also secured a part time job in health-care as a visiting home health aide through an agency. I have been trained by RN's through the agency who were a part of Staten Island University Hospital. I began working at night, after my 9-5 jobs in the city, and worked from 6-10 several nights per week for different seniors in their home. I learned that every senior had very specific and special needs. Some seniors were mentally and physically able with little to no impairments, and just required a companion, while others were very mentally and physically impaired and required more medical care which I provided. My boss would explain every case to me and I would work accordingly to the instructions given. One of my longer clients has canceled the agency, however wanted to hire me privately. I began working privately for her, and other patients as well through networking and no longer work through an agency, as I've learned many families prefer a recommended care-giver rather than a stranger through an agency. So, I began my small network of clients privately. My duties include: Medication distribution, Cooking meals, Changing undergarments, Bathing, Exercise, Doctor's appointments, Indoor activities such as television, reading, games and arts and crafts, Outdoor activities such as walks and sitting outdoors, Shopping, Handling finances, remaining in close contact with doctors and family members giving updates on their loved one, housekeeping, conversation, lifting, changing clothes, morning and bed time preparation, etc. I understand certain seniors also love the company of animals, as I have a small friendly dog (A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and a cat that I have always been willing to bring for visits to bring smiles to my patient's faces. I haven't recalled refusing any specific needs of my patients. I am no longer working in the Criminal Justice field and have devoted my time to working in health-care. I am looking to find families of seniors, who are interested in loving, reliable care for their loved one. I am available for all shifts (excluding over-night stays), all days, including weekends. I am very flexible with time, and am always on time. I come from a very close Italian family, in which I have had grandparents that are no longer with me that I loved very much. I grow to look at those I care for as if they were my own. Working in both of these fields, I can assure those interested that I am a law-abiding, moral, hard working individual.
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