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Judith A.

Female, Part-Time babysitter , San Francisco, CA
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hourly rate
$ 15 - 25
10+ yrs
Has Transportation
Willing to travel 30 mi
CPR Certified
First Aid Training
Comfortable with pets

Meet Judith

I am a nurse. I have over 40 years of continuous hospital experience until October, 2010. I have experience in Denmark, France, Greece, Japan, and Canada. I have special experience with premature babies in hospital. I have a love and passion for the babies, siblings and multicultural families.
I am a nurse. I have over 40 years of continuous hospital experience until October, 2010. I have experience in Denmark, France, Greece, Japan, and Canada. I have special experience with premature babies in hospital. I have a love and passion for the babies, siblings and multicultural families.
Work History
Babysitter - Visnja P. family
Feb. 2014 - present
Babysitter - Deborah C. family
Oct. 2013 - present
Babysitter - Hugh D. family
Mar. 2013 - present


Has Worked for - 5 Families
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Professional Skills

First Aid Training


Age Group - 0-6 Mo
Age Group - 7 Mo-3 Yrs
Age Group - 4-6 Yrs
Comfortable babysitting for 2 children
Willing to care for sick children
Experienced babysitting twins/multiples
Experience with special needs children
Other services
Cooking/Meal Preparation
Grocery Shopping
Light Housekeeping
Swimming Supervision


Simmons College
Graduate Degree in Pediatrics
Other Qualifications, Certifications and Credentials
Pediatrics Advanced Life Support (PALS) certificate, Neo-Natal Resuscitation Program (NRP


Average User Rating: Out of 16 Reviews
Reliable Transportation
Accurate Calendar
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Visnja P. says:
Judy has watched our 18-month-old daughter many times with great success. When we were held up unexpectedly, she was able to put her down for a nap without any trouble, which amazed me since we even have trouble sometimes. She has been accommodating and very professional, sending texts to confirm each appointment and responding quickly. Judy is very up to date with San Francisco happenings and has also shown... More
Posted: 05:01 PM, Feb 22, 2014 | Relationship: Judith worked for Visnja
Judith A. responds:
Thank you Visnja, I am impressed with your adaptability with your recent move to San Francisco & all the new challenges. You & Daddy show such loving attention to your very special daughter, so full of joy!
Hugh D. says:
Judy has watched our 1-year-old son on several occasions since last November. She has watched him both at night and during the day. We trust Judy to care for him and to make sure he is safe. She is punctual and conscientious and flexible and she has taken an interest in all our family and has always been keen to be helpful to us in any way she can. She goes above and beyond the call of duty in her kindness towards... More
Posted: 09:01 PM, Mar 25, 2013 | Relationship: Judith worked for Hugh
Judith A. responds:
Thank you Hugh. I am always delighted to play with your "little Irish man".. You & Mommy are such a wonderful influence on your little son!
Sarah W. says:
Judy watched our 3 month old one evening during her fussiest time in the evening so my partner and I could have a date night. When we got home, Judy had kept a log of when she ate, slept, woke up, etc., and had her fast asleep. It was such a wonderful break for us! Our daughter also has problems burping, which Judy noticed on her own and somehow got her to burp just right, which helped her sleep soundly that... More
Posted: 03:51 PM, Jan 17, 2013 | Relationship: Judith worked for Sarah
Judith A. responds:
Thank you, Sarah. My efforts are always a collaboration with the parents. I think you are doing great with your little girl! Whatever I discover about her burps, I will share!
David B. says:
Judy has watched our now 11 month old baby a number of times. We all enjoy when Judy comes over. She has a wonderful energy to share. Judy is very prompt, reliable and conscientious. She is quite experienced and we trust her with our most precious possession.
Posted: 11:44 PM, Aug 31, 2012 | Relationship: Judith worked for David
Judith A. responds:
Thank you David for your kind review. I respect your wonderful home care & attention to your thriving, funfilled little boy!
Linda M. says:
Judy is extremely conscientious and responsible! Our little boy felt safe with her in playing, napping, eating, and so did we! We have used her many times as a sitter and will do again. She always responds right away to childcare requests, arrives early, takes notes on your child's routine, etc. A parent's dream! And also a lovely person with all kinds of experience!
Posted: 04:29 PM, Jul 11, 2012 | Relationship: Judith worked for Linda
Judith A. responds:
Thank you Linda. Your parenting with Daddy, has made your little boy such a joyful soul, parading around your home with pull/push toys, watching kites fly by; he doesn't laugh, he chuckles! I extend my respect to you achieving the highest degree in your field!
Amanda W. says:
Judy is our on-call babysitter for our 3 month old son, or as Judy calls him "Mr. E" ;-). She is warm and very calm with our little guy. Judy is the first person, other than family, with whom we left E. I returned home and he was as happy as could be, so it was clear she had cared for him well during my absence. As a result of her 40 years of nursing experience, she is also a wonderful resource for me as a first... More
Posted: 01:01 PM, Jun 02, 2012 | Relationship: Judith worked for Amanda
Judith A. responds:
Thanks Amanda. I admire your commitment & dedication to your responsibilities in your career & your concern to return asap. Mr. E. is such a dear little sailor boy, adjusting well to your transition plans!
Reggio H. says:
Judy is our on-call nanny for our infant twins. She is wonderful with the twins and is able to handle both of them with ease. As first-time parents, we were concerned about leaving our twins but after meeting Judy, we were put at ease. Judy is always very communicative and very prompt. I would highly recommend Judy and know that once you have used her, you will see how great she is.
Posted: 04:10 PM, Mar 22, 2012 | Relationship: Judith worked for Reggio
Judith A. responds:
Thanks Reggio, It is a privilege & pleasure to share the enthusiasm with you & Mommy for your Girl/Boy Twins. You are truly blessed! Your individual attention to each is so wonderful!
John G. says:
Judy has worked with us on several occasions and we have always been pleased with how well she cares for our son.

I feel that Judy is a great choice because she genuinely cares for our son, has a lifetime of experience to draw from, and has life/ work experience (natal intensive care nurse) directly related to infant needs.

Bottom line is that if a worse case scenario were to unfold while we were away...
Posted: 02:42 PM, Mar 19, 2012 | Relationship: Judith worked for John
Judith A. responds:
Thanks John, I do consider the Child Care Provider job( a noble one) seriously. It is an on going partner process with the Child Care Seeker family. I am as excited with the walking, talking, activity developments in your son as you are!
Priscilla D. says:
We have 3 sons (4, 1.5 and 2 weeks) & Judy is very experienced and competent with each age level but also she clearly enjoys each age equally. My two eldest boys warmed to her immediately and it was obvious from the beginning that she wanted to help us do things in whatever way suited us. In nature and attitude Judy is exactly what we were looking for in a casual (once/twice weekly) caregiver with the added... More
Posted: 04:20 PM, Jan 20, 2012 | Relationship: Judith worked for Priscilla
Judith A. responds:
Thank you Priscilla. It's wonderful to see such a lovely bond between your boys, as a family reflection from Mummy & Daddy.
Amy S. says:
We were so impressed with Judith - she is such a warm, lovely person! Judith came by to meet us and our infant son. Right away she was keen to hold him and interact with him; it was clear that she was very comfortable handling babies. The fact that Judith took time out of her day to meet us in person really meant a lot to us. We are first-time parents and, understandably, are nervous about leaving our son... More
Posted: 04:15 PM, Nov 30, 2011 | Relationship: Judith interviewed with Amy
Judith A. responds:
Thank you Amy. Your little son is so easily engaging that he reflects your wonderful parenting! May we connect again soon! Judy
Gypsy A. says:
Judy has been a back-up nanny for us since our baby was about 2 months old. She is available on short notice, is always on time, takes copious notes on exactly how you want things to go, and clearly loves spending time with our little girl. We enjoy her visits too - she knows everything that is happening in the city and always has good recommendations for us.
Posted: 05:53 PM, Oct 08, 2011 | Relationship: Judith worked for Gypsy
Judith A. responds:
How very fortunate your little daughter is to grow up in a home with such notable scientific parents. It has always been a pleasure & privilege to have fun with your engaging little girl. Thank you! Judy
Richard K. says:
Judy is great!! She helped my husband out a great deal as I was transitioning back to work and we were having a hard time finding a full time nanny. Judy was available last minute, and was really great in working with our schedules. Most of all our little girl absolutely loves her. She was so happy to see Judy. Judy would take her on stroller rides, read to her, give her baths, and have play time with all... More
Posted: 02:55 PM, Oct 04, 2011 | Relationship: Judith worked for Richard
Judith A. responds:
Many thanks, Kami & Rick, I really enjoyed my routine, engaging your daughter, with delightful Pixie (dog) close by! I await the special pleasure of a return visit, sooner rather than later! Judy rather than later! Such a pleasant neighborhood for stroller rides.
Natalie W. says:
Judy has been a wonderful sitter for my very active 20 month old daughter! We've had Judy over twice and each time she's brought my daughter a little gift (flowers, balloon, markers and stencils)...she's so sweet! Judy is very personable and extremely professional. I never worried about them while I was away. Judy also left me a detailed list about what they did together, when my daughter ate, had a diaper... More
Posted: 01:51 PM, Sep 06, 2011 | Relationship: Judith worked for Natalie
Judith A. responds:
Thank you, Natalie, I give You & Daddy A+A+for your ultimate support for your daughter to achieve her remarkable potential and beyond! It is always a privilege to be part of your team!
Brady S. says:
Judy helped me out tremendously when she watched my six week old during a move. I felt very comfortable leaving my baby with Judy - she is clearly a total pro who not only knows what she is doing but also loves kids. She kept my baby calm and happy and relaxed. Judy was not only wonderful with the baby but also a pleasure for me to work with. She is incredibly prompt on emails, was extremely flexible with... More
Posted: 01:59 PM, Apr 19, 2011 | Relationship: Judith worked for Brady
Judith A. responds:
Thank you so much, Brady for your kind Review. It was a difficult move for you, only 5 weeks postpartum but you handled it with such grace & efficiency. Would love to help you out again any time.
Lucie S. says:
Judy is a wonderful nanny and I would recommend her to anyone. Judy took care of my 4 months old son and I have to say that even though she was our 1st nanny for our son, I felt completely comfortable with her and I trusted her right away. As a former nurse she knows what to do and she has a very caring personality.
Judy is a very warm, friendly and easy going person. She wrote every detail about feeding, sleeping...
Posted: 12:57 AM, Mar 02, 2011 | Relationship: Judith worked for Lucie
Judith A. responds:
Thank you, Lucie, so very much for your kind REVIEW. I enjoyed so much meeting you, your husband & little 4ms old. What a wonderful family! May we connect again in the near future. Sincerely, Judy Allen
Julia L. says:
"JUDY!" is what my 2 year old shouts when she knows Judy will be coming to play with her. Judy has been a joyful and enthusiastic addition to our home, bringing my daughter's imaginative play to a whole new level with rabbits, stickers and paper decorations. Her sense of spirit and fun is extraordinary, and we are lucky to have her in our lives.
Posted: 12:46 PM, Feb 09, 2011 | Relationship: Judith worked for Julia
Judith A. responds:
Thank you so much, Julia, for your Review. Your little daughter is very special only because of your perfect parenting!


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