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Photo for Patient, Caring Nanny Needed For 3 Children In Combined Locks

Patient, Caring Nanny Needed For 3 Children In Combined Locks

Full Time
L- the sweetest little girl, enjoys gathering objects and passing them back and forth, chewing on objects (have to be careful), a climber, and loves all food! She is on the autism spectrum, does have sounds, can say "ouch" and "hi" :) she LOVES pens, markers, and paper! She is VERY sneaky and fast. Have to be careful, before you know if she is drawing with sharpie on the walls! Loves her white fuzzy blankets (actually old pillow cases grandma made her). Loves the new movie Onward! K- L twin sister. TOTAL opposite of L. She is a sassy girl that loves her educational tablet, any type of carb for food (haha), likes to say NO, refuses to be potty trained, loves other people so will be your best friend instantly! Will drink a whole gallon milk if you let her, loves her pink blanket, any Cars movie, Trolls, or Frozen. C- the sweetest little pork-chop you'll get to know! Always smiling, loves to interact with blocks, toy cars, and will try to take your phone haha! He puts little objects in his mouth quickly so have to be fats with him also! Loves anything soft and fuzzy, starting to introduce milk in place of formula. Our ideal caregiver: Chooses to engage in playing with the kids and give them full attention, remain calm as one twin girl is autistic with sporadic tantrums (likes to be left alone during this), will be very aware of safety for the children (baby puts everything in his mouth, one daughter is a climber), CPR/choking certified, comfortable with intermittent check-ins on in-home camera system. Additional needs include: pick up L from school at 1:20PM, (have to fit three car seats in your car or can do some car swapping and my Ford Flex can be taken to pick her up), light housekeeping, meal prep, having a reliable car, being comfortable with pets and a non-smoker. 1-2 days a week. Days and hours vary. Could be 7:00am- 4/5pm, 10am-5pm, 2pm-5/6pm