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What Is the Cost of a Nursery?

We've got the information you need to design a beautiful baby nursery to fit your budget for your new arrival.

What Is the Cost of a Nursery?


our baby is on the way and you need to create a wonderful nursery space.But how much will this cost? Well, we’ve got you covered! From average nursery costs to must-have-splurges and budgeting tips, here’s all you need to know to create the perfect room for your new baby.

Start Off On the Right Track

According to The Bump you’ll probably spend about $2,000 on all you need for your new nursery. But your nursery decorating ideas will depend on your Wants, your style and where you shop. For example, most big box stores offer cribs for around $150-$400, while cribs at baby boutiques can cost $3,000 or more.

Start smart by first making a list of essentials — paint, curtains, lamps, etc. — and then add your “wish” items (chandelier, glider, artwork). Next, create a budget and start gathering prices. Finally, make your choices. Bloggers Joanna and Johnny created a budget-friendly baby room for under $400, so you definitely don’t need Kardashian cash to make a warm and inviting space for your little one.

Nursery Must Haves

This budget keeps your costs under $2000 based on retailers such as Ikea, Babies RUs and Home Goods.


  • Crib ($200)

  • Changing table ($150)

  • Dresser ($500)

  • Glider ($400)

  • Diaper pail ($35)

  • Carpet or area rug ($200)

  • Lamp ($20)

  • Bookshelf ($200)

  • Sheets ($50)


Focus On Function and Comfort

A room that is both functional and comfortable for baby and parents is a must. Make sure to include enough storage solutions to stay organized, and arrange furniture in a way that makes sense. For example, place the dresser and diaper pail next to the changing table and the lamp and bookshelf next to the glider! A bed or couch helps mom or dad get a little extra rest on the really rough nights. Blackout curtains and a white noise machine will help bring on the sweet dreams.

Infuse Personality

This is probably your one and only chance to pick things out for your child without his or her opinions cramping your great style. But, don’t take a theme so far that you’ll need to repaint or redecorate in a few years. Save money by using neutral paint and adornments such as curtains, rugs and lamps that aren’t too childish.

Money-Saving Tips

Simple nursery ideas go a long way in saving you dollars.


  • Buy Second Hand

    Check consignment stores, thrift shops, garage sales, online groups and classified ads for gently used items like gliders, dressers and bookshelves for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new.


  • DIY

    Browse Pinterest for items you can make yourself. There are tons of DIY

    mobiles and artwork that allow you to save money while adding a meaningful touch.


  • Find Items That Convert

    For example, go for a crib that transitions to a toddler bed and a twin. These type of items might cost more up front, but will save you big over the years.


  • Borrow

    Friends and family want to help you. You’ll be surprised at what they’re willing to lend — or give –if you just put it out there.


  • Seek out savings

    Sign up for store mailing lists and download store apps, such as Target’s Cartwheel, and regularly visit clearance sections in your fave shops.


The best part of creating the perfect nursery is planning and imagining your new baby growing up in the space. How did you design your nursery? Share your nursery ideas with us on Twitter.

And if you need help getting your home ready for baby, find a housekeeper on Care.com.

Rachael Moshman, M.Ed. has worked with infants and their parents for decades.
She never tires of listening to excited moms and dads plan a nursery for their bundle of joy.


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