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Baraboo, WI

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I Travel For Work Sometimes And I Am Gone 1 To 3 Nights Usually. I Need Help Getting My Daughter Back And Forth To Summer Camp And Someone To Watch Her Over Night When I Am Gone.

yes i would request a part time nanny, and make sure our hours are set to the most hours that will have to be worked.

What "superpower" Do You Have As A Caregiver?

i listen and understand children and what they want i also have a good knowledge of disciplinary actions, such as time outs etc.

πŸ“£ Greater Nyc Area Caregivers: Wants To Meet You!Β πŸ“£

i would love to learn anything because i am so new to this.

Is It Okay To Quit My Nanny Job?

i would give a months notice, however make sure the parents know why you are quitting.

❓what Do You Wish Parents Knew About Your Job?❓

we do have other offers and other jobs so we are not always able to get to you right away.

πŸ€” What Are Your Favorite Activities To Do On The First Day With A New Family? πŸ€”

play out side, ice breaker questions, arts and crafts. anything that will get the kids up and active so the will be able to look forward to that every day.

Potty Tips ?

there is a child's urinal that you could get and train him on that. or when i helped train my brother we had a stool so he was at a decent height.

How Much Should I Ask To Be Paid By The Hour? (What Do You Ask If Your A Nanny Or If You Are A Parent How Much Would You Like To Pay)

$10-$15 depending on location,how many children there are, and how long the job will be.