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Puppy Starts Potting In House After Being Potty Trained?

Sometimes dogs forget things just like we humans do. You just have to keep building and rebuilding until it is just as solid as when you say "sit."

How Do I Help My Rescue Not Be So Aggressive And Anxious

My own dog, who is a pure bred border collie from a Texas farm, doesn't get along with men. Sometimes it can be a trust issue. With males, it can be a dominancy issue. You just have to learn to read when he gets tense and nervous, and when... more

Boarding Dogs When Your Own Dog Gets Jealous!

My dog, Buckie, can get jealous too. So he likes to show off by being the fastest runner. When he is around other dogs, he kind of squabbles for the attention. The trick is to love on them both equally. And if you are petting and loving on one dog... more