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How Can I Convince Parents To Pay Me Legally Vs. Under The Table?

You can't "convince them". You can ask and explain your reasons for wanting this. Then, it's up to them. You can accept their "yes" or "no" and continue with the job or choose to leave and find another job that pays you legally. Regardless of how they pay... more

🤒how Do You Handle Work Days When You're Sick?🤒

I practice and live ayurvedically, so I rarely purify and if I do, it's mild and doesn't last more than a day. I work regardless of how I'm feeling. It's the same with being a Mom - even if I'm under the weather, my children still... more

🤔how Do You Deal With Bad Behavior? 🤔

There is no "bad" behavior. Children are naturally, inherently social Beings. They want to fit in and act in social, harmonious ways. There are only three reasons why a child will act out, in an anti-social way, as this normally goes against their very nature. So, when a child acts... more

I’m In A Nanny Share. Legally Does Each Family Have To Pay Me At Least Minimum Wage.

I'm guessing the minimum wage is the combined pay from both families, though I'm not sure. Regardless, YES, you are getting WAY underpaid. It is a full-time, full-attention job to care for one infant, much less two. I ask $20/hr for an infant, straight up. And, I... more

Should My Teen Still Sleep With A Stuffed Animal

It's best to honor children, their choices, their emotions, their thoughts and feelings, if you wish for to maintain an open relationship with them, where they feel loved, supported, safe, and are willing to talk with you about whatever's going on in their life - especially the difficult situations... more

Is The Same Pay Fare If I’m Picking Up An Extra Day But Watching One Less Child?

It's up to you. What does your heart and intuition say? What will feel good to you, so you feel great about going to work, feel love and joy for being with the children, and without regret, resentment, or worry about your finances. I find it best to have... more

💰what Are Your Tips For Negotiating Pay Rates? 💰

It's good to honor the care provider's pay rates, the same as you would any other service provider (i.e. plumber, electrician, cab driver). Most childcare workers make very low wages, compared to other professional positions, yet the work and attention involved is great. Childcare providers usually price... more

How To Make My Son Mingle With Teacher

Life events like beginning a new school are very stressful for young children and there can be many small hurts throughout the day. This period of regression your son is experiencing sounds very normal to me. Building a relationship with and trust in a new teacher takes time. He may... more