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6 answers

Lactose Intolerance in Children

My son had allergy testing and while testing negative to dairy, he still seems to have high sensitivity and intolerance to things that contain lactose. Is it possible to test negative on a dairy test and still have lactose intolerance? What things do we need to avoid if so? Really... more

Is It a Cold or Is It an Allergy?

Figuring out how to help your childWhen my daughter developed a cough that seemed to last forever, my husband and I were baffled. Was it a remnant of her most recent cold, or was she developing an allergy to dust mites hiding in her bedroom? Should we continue asking our... more

Honey for Allergies: Is It Safe for Kids?

You may have heard that eating raw honey can help lessen allergy symptoms, but is it safe for kids? Here's the scoop.Have seasonal allergy symptoms such as sneezing, an itchy nose and coughing got your child down? Have you ever thought of using honey for allergies? If your... more

30 Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids to Make

Does your gluten-sensitive kid want to get cooking in the kitchen? You'll find loads of gluten-free recipe for kids to make here.     Cooking gluten free is difficult enough on its own. So what happens when your child wants to cook up their own meals? Don't panic... more

Is a Milk Protein Allergy Behind Your Baby's Fussiness?

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about milk protein allergy and how it can affect your baby.Your baby is fussy, even after you've ruled out dirty diapers and hunger. He doesn't ever seem to sleep more than 20 minutes at a time, sometimes he screams... more

Hives in Children: Causes, Treatment and Relief

Not sure about those red bumps that keep cropping up on your kid? Here's what you need to know about hives in children.Hives in children are no fun for anyone. Your little one is itchy, uncomfortable and irritable, and you're worried the rash will spread. Not sure... more


3 answers

Thanksgiving meal ideas that are food allergy friendly

Looking for any recipes and meal ideas for thanksgiving that are food allergy friendly. If anyone has suggestions they would be so appreciated!


3 answers

Anyone have a child with a dairy allergy but also a contact allergy to it as well?

My daughter is severely allergic to dairy (anaphylactic reaction at 18 mos) but also has a contact allergy to it. If anything dairy or containing dairy hits her skin, she breaks out in hives.  Anyone else experiencing this with their child?