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They/them and preferred pronouns: How to explain to kids (and conscious parents)

LGBTQ+ people have always existed. But with increased media visibility and access to information online, there’s been a surge in awareness of transgender and nonbinary people, and younger generations feel empowered to come out earlier and in greater numbers.  A 2021 Gallup poll found that LGBT identification among all American adults is only... more

How to give big kids more freedom — while keeping your own fears in check

At 9 years old, my daughter seems ready to take on the world. Over the past few months, she’s suddenly developed the insatiable desire to walk to the park alone, ride her scooter in the street with friends (no parents allowed) and take the lead on everything from Zooming with... more

How my son’s gifted and talented test helped me face and heal an old shame

Although it’s almost been 20 years, I can still visualize the day I walked into my elementary school cafeteria for gifted and talented testing. My mom believed I was as gifted as any other child at my school — and my grandparents regularly affirmed this loudly and proudly. None of... more

8 things I want my kids to know about being a parent

When you’re a parent, getting through each day feels a little bit like putting on a performance. I wake up in the morning and slip into my costume of leggings and whatever t-shirt is clean. I stock my magic bag of tricks (read: my purse) with snacks and hand sanitizer... more

10 child discipline methods that work, according to experts

Pop quiz: Have you ever asked your child, oh, a dozen times to do something, and they act as if you’re a mere rustle of wind in the trees? (“Time to come inside for dinner, Timmy!” **crickets**) Or better yet, have they ever blatantly — aggressively! — defied you... more

How to discipline a toddler: 9 expert-backed methods that work

As adorable as toddlers are, their behavior can sometimes feel like the opposite. The tantrums, the flagrant disregard for directions, the needing to do everything “by myself.” It’s enough to drive any parent or caregiver crazy! Here’s a hot tip, though: The maddening behavior? Totally normal. “Toddlers are just... more

18 fun behavior charts for motivating kids

When parents set out to use a behavior chart for kids, they have the best intentions. The goal, obviously, is to curtail inappropriate, frustrating or even aggressive behavior. However, even when behavior charts start off strong, they often wind up leaving everyone back where they started. According to Annelise Cunningham... more

Signs you have pandemic parenting burnout and tips for giving yourself a break

“What’s wrong?” I text my mom friend after she abruptly cancels our weekly walk. “Everything and nothing,” she replies. I get it. Any mom would get it under normal circumstances when we weren’t parenting during a pandemic — but now? An explanation for “everything and nothing” would just... more