16 funny memes for kids

Not all memes are for kids. But some are. And, dare we say it, most of them are just as funny as the ones you’d rather not share with little ones. (You know, the ones ... you’re scrolling through on your phone, chuckling seemingly to yourself when a child magically appears... more

8 dangers of social media to discuss with kids and teens

Enter a caption... Social media and kids. Gah! Is there anything more terrifying for a parent? From cyberbullying to online predators, it seems like the dangers of social media for children are endless. Here’s the thing, though: It isn’t Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram that should be keeping you up at night... more

16 free typing games for kids

If you want to get kids excited about learning or improving their typing skills, introduce them to some fun typing games online. There are many free typing games for kids that can help strengthen keyboarding skills and improve typing speed and accuracy. Plus, it's important to help kids learn... more

Experts say kids are getting too much screen time — but parents are refusing to be shamed

It’s not an easy time to be a parent. Since the spring of last year, many families have juggled the challenges of distance learning, working from home and repeated periods of being in lockdown. As a result, kids are spending a lot more time on screens. A new piece in... more

12 ways COVID changed school and education for the better

The history books will, no doubt, mark 2020 as a year that changed American education. The rampant spread of coronavirus shuttered schools across the United States, and even those that reopened have had to upend schools as we knew it, as new safety precautions required morning temperature checks, masks worn... more

The 9 best gifts for new dads

Some new moms get plush presents, but what about new dad gifts? He deserves something too. Tens of thousands of babies are born every single day in the U.S., which means that there are a lot of excited and scared new dads out there. Many of these fathers have... more

Pandemic schooling options are not created equal for all families

From California to Washington D.C., school districts across the nation are returning to remote learning as COVID-19 cases continue to increase. Some schools, in lieu of fully remote models, are opting for a hybrid model that combines part-time in-person learning with remote learning on some days. Others have made... more

The 8 best calendar and organizer apps for families

There is no job in the world quite as busy and overwhelming as that of being a parent. Family calendars quickly fill up with practices, recitals, birthday parties and hundreds of other things that you need to keep track of each month. Add in the various to-dos and must-dos that... more