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How senior caregivers can best care for themselves during coronavirus

As a professional senior caregiver, you’re used to adapting to and navigating difficult or even emergent situations. But now that we’re facing this global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to feel as though you’re swimming in uncharted territory. With the novel coronavirus being of particular concern for your care recipients —... more

Watch April’s journey to becoming a professional senior caregiver

Divorce, unemployment, a new city: April had a lot of struggles. That’s when she asked herself: “What is within me? What can I do to support my family? And that’s how I became a caregiver.”  Watch her story:   How does care keep you whole? Tell us at #mycarestory. more

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These senior care certifications and trainings can improve your career

You enjoy working with seniors and have plenty of experience providing companionship and assistance. Whether you work in a family home, in a skilled nursing facility or with a senior health agency, you are committed to the care of elders. So where do you take your senior care career from... more

4 cultural differences to be mindful of when caring for seniors

Today, there are about 46 million Americans over the age of 65, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By 2060, that number is estimated to more than double to nearly 100 million. While this population is undoubtedly large, it’s also more racially and ethnically diverse than previous generations, according... more

How to juggle multiple senior care jobs and the stress that comes with it

While rewarding, being a caregiver for seniors is a demanding career choice. Countless responsibilities are required for the role, not to mention your full attention and patience. And that’s just caring for one person. Many caregivers have to take on multiple jobs to make ends meet, or to manage a... more

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Senior care contracts: Why you need one and what to include in it

You have a variety of duties as a senior care provider. From meal prep to transportation to companionship and medication administration, you cover a lot in just a day’s work. You also genuinely care for your charges and want to help make their days easier. To do so, however, you... more

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Simplifying taxes: What senior caregivers need to know about the payroll and tax process

When you take on a job caring for a senior, you probably don’t have the benefit of working with an HR department to address questions about payroll. As a household employee, if you’re making more than $2,100 annually, you must have taxes withheld from your pay, and your employer... more

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9 tips for senior caregivers to ease communication with families

As a key point of contact between families and their loved one, paid senior caregivers play an important role besides providing care: They must be a good communicators. And that can be one of the toughest parts of the job. Disagreements between family members, the care recipient and even caregivers... more