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How much should I charge for child care?

Are you looking for a job in child care but you’re not sure what you should charge? Or maybe you’ve been a nanny, sitter or day care worker for awhile and feel like you should be making more? Asking for a lower rate may land you the new job, but... more


Verify a child care center's licensing: Search by state

Before deciding on a day care or child care center or other care facility, you should ensure it is up to date on necessary licensing. To verify the accreditation and licensing status of a child care center near you or to see if a provider has past complaints or violations... more

Jobs with babies: 17 great career options to work with infants

If you love infants and are looking for job options, we have great news for you: There are lots of well-paying and rewarding careers where you get to spend your time working with babies! But a desire to work with babies and a passion for the work alone won't... more

How to guides

Job references: Why you need them and how to assemble a strong lineup

When families look to hire a new caregiver, trustworthiness is one of the most valued qualities. Whether they’re looking for someone to care for their new baby, an aging parent or a beloved pet, they need to know the person they’re hiring is not only qualified, but has a proven... more

Kids in day care are infecting parents, siblings and teachers, says the CDC

For months leading up to the new school year, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, President Trump and other leaders pushed the narrative that kids are at minimal risk of getting seriously ill and would be safe returning to normal activities. While it's true that most kids recover from the... more

4 ways teachers can earn money outside the classroom

Given that educators around the country felt underpaid, undervalued and frustrated that their voices were not being heard before COVID-19, you might feel like you’re at your wit’s end now. As the 2020-2021 school year approaches, many teachers are contending with the pandemic’s crushing effects to their safety and their... more

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Learn how to market yourself online as a professional caregiver and get the job you want

Being a nanny, babysitter or senior caregiver in the digital age means staying on top of new online resources and coming up with innovative ways to market yourself to potential clients and families. You're tasked not only with keeping your resume and job references up to date but also with building... more

Without a bailout, child care centers may not survive the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced child and day care center closures, which has put a huge strain on both working parents and child care workers, but there may be an even bigger crisis looming on the horizon. A recent study by the National Association for the Education of Young Children... more