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Back-to-school 2020 resource guide

The back-to-school 2020 season is looking very different for families and caregivers, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There's a lot more to factor in for everyone's health and safety, and adapted school schedules and day care closures are adding logistical hurdles on top of the usual child care struggles we've... more

14 ways teachers say parents can help as we return to school in a pandemic

As the 2020-2021 school year approaches, teachers who had to pivot to virtual instruction last year are steeling themselves to contend with more unchartered territory. In an extensive online survey of American K-12 teachers conducted in April, the majority of educators reported feeling "somewhat" or "extremely" uncertain (81%), stressed (77... more

Teacher’s fiery takedown about reopening schools is something we all need to hear

The COVID-19 pandemic has many people debating whether it’s safe for children to return to school, but there’s one important question no one seems to be asking: Will going back to school be safe for teachers? The safety of professional educators and other school staffers has been left out of... more

101 back-to-school tips for kids and parents

As summer comes to an end and back-to-school season begins, it can be hard to get back into the rhythm of a regular schedule — for both kids and adults. The trick, of course, is to plan ahead. Start preparing everyone a few weeks early, and make sure you have... more

15 parents who can’t keep up with their kids’ never-ending snack requests

Name a more iconic duo than kids and snacks. We’ll wait. Whether they just ate, are sitting down to a meal or are being strapped into their carseat for a five-minute trip, kids want all the snacks, all the time. Don’t get us wrong, we love a salty, packaged cracker... more

Talking to kids about race and racism with Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum

Over the course of the past several weeks, we’ve all watched and read in sadness and anger as Black men and women have been senselessly killed in America. We’ve also watched as millions of Americans have taken to the streets to protest against police brutality, fight against systemic racism, and... more

How to support your child as they come out as LGBTQ+

Society has come a long way, with more LGBTQIA resources and support systems available than ever. But it’s still painfully common to hear of parents who don’t support their LGBTQ+ child and even sever relationships after their coming out. As a parent, you don’t need to formulate the “perfect” response... more

The pros and cons of home schooling

Home schooling has long been an option for parents who want their kids to have a more personalized education or who are unhappy with the rigidity of traditional public school, and it’s become increasingly popular over the years. From 1999 to 2012, the number of kids being home-schooled grew from... more