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50 best kids' movies on Netflix

Family movie night is a time-honored tradition. Who doesn’t love hunkering down on the couch with a bucket of popcorn for a few hours of cozy entertainment with the kids? But with so much content currently available, choosing a film can get downright stressful — particularly if you’re trying to... more

The 13 best parenting tweets of the week

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The 12 best parenting tweets of the week

When you’re parenting young kids — particularly over summer break — laughing is crucial. Thankfully, the moms and dads of Twitter are always around to add a little levity to the long days and temper tantrums. Whether you need help finding the perfect mom bestie or teaching your child some mealtime... more

8 fun games to play in the dark

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17 fun camping games for kids

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18 funny back to school memes for the first day

While the long, lazy, bare-footed days of summer certainly are special, let’s be honest here: So is the sound of a ringing school bell. Whether you stayed at home all summer long with your little ones or were saddled with figuring out (and paying for!) child care while the kids... more

11 catchy jump rope songs and rhymes for kids

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16 kids' typing games

If you want to get your children excited about improving their typing skills, introduce them to some fun kids' typing games. There are many kids' typing games online that can help strengthen keyboarding skills and improve typing speed and accuracy. With a variety of different characters and scenarios, you're... more