Interview questions to ask a night nanny or night nurse

You’ve decided to hire a night nanny or night nurse and you’ve narrowed down your candidates — congratulations! A feat in and of itself. But now that you’ve got your short list, time to compile a list of important interview questions that will help you find “the one.” “The... more

10 best toys for 9-month-old babies

Your 9-month-old's attention span is growing, and it may be a struggle to keep them entertained. At this age, babies are beginning to demonstrate more advanced skills, like clapping their hands, pulling themselves up to stand and crawling. As they become more proficient in using their body and their... more

10 baby walker toys to help get your child moving

Not long after your baby impresses you by pulling themselves up to stand on their own, they'll be using arm chairs, coffee tables, ottomans — you name it — to get from point A to point B (even if A to B is only in a circle). Instead of limiting baby’s movement... more

Baby congestion: 5 common causes and remedies that work

Babies are often stuffed up and congested, but when is a baby’s stuffy nose something to worry about? If your baby sounds congested, it’s important to narrow down the potential causes. Seeking professional medical advice from a doctor or nurse should always be your first line of defense. But knowing... more

The 10 best nipple creams, according to breastfeeding moms and experts

Some nursing moms sail through breastfeeding with nary a wince or twinge of discomfort while others experience pain in the form of sore or even cracked nipples. (If you fall into the latter category, take [emotional] comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. One 2013 study found that 44% of... more

30 wonderfully weird celebrity baby names

With new celebrity babies always comes a whole slew of new (and renewed) celebrity baby names. Then it's just a matter of time before these celebrity kids names — no matter how weird or how wonderful — start to see a surge in popularity with everyday parents, too. "A name that has not... more

What rainbow baby means and why it’s significant to many parents

For families who have experienced the devastating blow of a miscarriage or other perinatal loss, becoming pregnant, or even welcoming a child, isn’t always cause to pop the proverbial champagne. In reality, pregnancies and births that follow a loss are often confusing and anxiety-ridden for parents. However, they’re also a... more

16 unique onesies for newborns

A fun and unique onesie or baby bodysuit is a great gift for a baby shower or any occasion to welcome a new baby. After all, most infants practically live in these comfy, easy-access get-ups for the first several months. Here are some of wonderful one-piece outfits that come in newborn sizes (and up). ... more