Being a babysitter

How to write a babysitter resume that will get you the job [with resume template]

The goal of your resume is to make it easier for parents to hire you. No matter how many times you babysat in the past, your resume is often the first thing that prospective employers will see when deciding whether to hire you for their babysitting job. This is your opportunity to highlight the... more

8 tips for working with highly involved parents

One of the toughest challenges nannies or sitters face is navigating their relationship with highly involved parents. A highly involved parent is someone who may check in constantly to see what you’re doing with the child, ask for a play-by-play of the day or even limit the types of activities... more

How to land your first babysitting job

Back when I was a preteen, I started babysitting by watching my younger cousins so my aunt and uncle could enjoy a few much-needed date nights. Eventually, I became hopeful for regular work and I took a shot in the dark, making some flyers about my babysitting service and putting... more

Babysitter pay rates: What's the going rate for a babysitter?

According to the 2018 Cost of Care Survey, the average babysitting rate in 2017 was $243 per week, or $16.20 per hour — an increase of $11 from $232 per week in 2016. However, the rates vary from city to city. For instance, San Francisco has the highest rate in the country... more

The best babysitting courses, classes and certifications to get you hired

Perhaps you don’t have a ton of babysitting experience but want to land more sitting jobs. Or maybe you want to be able to command a higher pay rate. Or you just want to be a better babysitter and be prepared for the unexpected scenarios that always arise when children... more

11 things every first-time babysitter needs to know

My friend Stephanie, who now lives in Sydney, Australia, once went to a babysitting job not realizing she’d have to accompany the little girl to the bathroom every time she went. “The parents were already out the door,” Stephanie says. “She explained in her sweet little voice that she... more

How to interview for child care jobs

No matter whether you're a seasoned nanny, a veteran mother's helper or a babysitter who's just starting out, parents will have a lot of questions when you apply for a job caring for their children. And, as with any other type of job interview, you want to make... more

8 babysitting activities so fun the kids won’t miss their parents

Experienced sitters and nannies know that keeping kids busy with fun, creative activities is the best way to prevent meltdowns when mom and dad walk out the door. Even better, a child care provider who takes the lead and guides her charges through imaginative play is a surefire way to... more