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Face masks on kids at day care: Are they worth the effort?

Social distancing with children is no easy feat. Kids are notorious for touching everything within their reach, and many of them have no concept of personal space. As states relax stay-at-home orders and child care facilities reopen, a major priority for parents, caregivers and leaders alike is how to keep... more

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6 qualities to help any day care teacher shine

I remember clearly the first time I dropped off my first child at day care. I was so scared to leave him and worried he wouldn’t get the TLC he got at home. As a new mom, a million “what-if”s ran through my mind. What if they don’t like him... more

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8 strategies for maintaining happiness and success in your day care job

If you’re starting a new job at a day care, you’re probably wondering, “How can I make the most of this opportunity?” For starters, having a good relationship with your employer is critical to your success — and there are many steps you can take to foster that. If... more

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5 things to look for in a day care’s discipline policy

Kids will be kids, and that doesn’t change just because they’re at day care. Child care providers have to deal with their fair share of tantrums, hitting, disruptive behaviors, arguments between kids and general mischief. But a safe and high-quality day care will always have a plan in place to... more

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In-home day care vs. a day care center: What's the difference?

You have a lot of factors to consider when deciding on the best type of child care for your family. Many parents ultimately come down to a decision between a commercial day care center and an in-home day care, which is often called family child care. Of course, there are... more

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Starting your new day care job: 7 must-dos for a successful first day

It can be nerve-wracking to start any new job, but when you’re working at a day care, it can feel even more crucial to succeed. “Little people have big emotions, parents are trusting you with the most important things in their lives, and you will be busy, busy, busy,”... more

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What is in-home day care and how much will it cost me?

In-home day care — or family day care, as it is also commonly known — is child care service in a caregiver’s home rather than in a commercial day care center. In-home day care services can range from informal arrangements, like the retired neighbor who watches a handful of local... more

What is family child care?

If hiring a nanny or enrolling in a day care center isn't right for your child, family child care may be the perfect fit. It's a day care operated out of an owner's home. Parents choose family child care for a variety of reasons. It's usually... more