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What moms really want for Mother’s Day

This morning, when my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I didn’t have the energy to give him a good answer. It was 6:30 a.m., and I was awake, unloading the dishwasher, making the coffee and fixing breakfast for our son. Three hours later, I... more

Signs you have pandemic parenting burnout and tips for giving yourself a break

“What’s wrong?” I text my mom friend after she abruptly cancels our weekly walk. “Everything and nothing,” she replies. I get it. Any mom would get it under normal circumstances when we weren’t parenting during a pandemic — but now? An explanation for “everything and nothing” would just... more

18 single mom survival tips from other single moms

No one ever said parenthood was easy, and that’s never more true than if you’re doing the job on your own as a single mom. Stressful, challenging and sometimes terribly lonely are just a few ways single moms describe their everyday lives. Yet the second-most common living arrangement for children... more

I get bored as a stay-at-home mom. Here are 7 ways to beat the boredom and burnout

For a host of practical reasons, becoming a stay-at-home mom was the right choice for me and my family. And yet, despite loving my 16-month-old son and generally enjoying the time we spend together, there’s no denying some days drag. While my husband’s off doing who knows what exciting grown-up... more

12 unique push present ideas for new moms

Growing an entire human being in your belly for nine months is a lot of work. Moms-to-be deal with all sorts of unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, countless doctor appointments and many uncomfortable sleepless nights — and that doesn’t even get into what happens during labor and delivery. While you feel that... more

17 ideas for the perfect new mom care package

Ask any new mom, and she’ll tell you: Nine times out of 10, well-meaning visitors come bearing gifts for the baby. Adorable onesies and diaper cakes are always appreciated by parents (and useful!), but after nine months of pregnancy, delivery and many a sleepless night, it has to be said... more

24 quotes from inspiring and empowering women

It’s still a sad truth in life that being born a woman presents some unique challenges. We’ve had to fight tooth and nail for every right, and we still haven’t achieved full equality. But from earning the right to vote to showing powerful men that time’s up, we’ve proven again... more

The 10 best postpartum belly wraps for new moms

Getting used to how different your belly looks after pregnancy is tough enough. Add to that the fact that some new moms also find that doing everyday tasks can put painful strain on their bodies. Because the muscles in your core have stretched to accommodate your growing baby during pregnancy, they... more