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After-school care

How much should I charge for an after-school child care gig?

During one of my first interviews for an after-school child care position, I didn’t do any research to determine my rates. I was inexperienced and thought the parents would have a fair rate in mind. The interview went well and I felt confident the family would offer me the position... more

7 unique after-school programs you’ve never heard of

Of course, your child can benefit from taking ballet or joining a baseball league after school. (Solid choices, both.) But these days, extracurricular activities are only limited by your imagination. Your child could spend their afternoon learning to felt, for instance, or making cheese, dancing the flamenco or creating their... more

‘Rideshare’ transportation for kids: Which app is best — and is it safe?

Fifty-one percent of parents spend at least five hours a week driving their kids around, while a third of those clock in more than 10 hours, a 2016 survey conducted by HopSkipDrive, a kid-focused ride service, found. Two out of three working parents reported that driving their kids to after-school... more

16 super-easy Crock-Pot dinner recipes for families on the go

Soccer. Gymnastics. Science club. Homework. When you have school-aged kids, afternoons and evenings can be jam-packed. Whipping up an elaborate dinner is rarely more than a Pinterest pipe dream. But just because you don’t have the time — or, let’s face it, the inclination — to dice, chop and simmer... more

17 healthy snack ideas for kids on the go

When the end-of-school bell rings in the afternoon, dinner can feel like it’s days away instead of hours — especially when you’re a kid who is just so huuuuuungry (insert whine here). Enter the after-school snack, beloved by school-aged kids everywhere, and almost guaranteed to buy you some whine-free hours... more

Is an after-school child care job right for you?

I found my first after-school child care position when I was taking morning classes for my degree and working odd lunchtime hours for another family. I knew I needed some extra income, but many jobs I considered couldn’t fit into my schedule. Fortunately, I found a family who needed an... more

How much does after-school transportation for kids cost?

It’s 3 p.m., your son needs to go to swim lessons and your daughter has to get to soccer practice — but you don’t get off work for two more hours. How can a family of four be in multiple places at once? If you don’t have a go-to... more

After-school activities: The pros and cons of filling your kids' schedule

When Robyn Parets’ two boys were young, she was torn in numerous directions, running all over Boston to take them to extracurricular activities. Like many parents, she thought her kids needed to be involved in as many activities as possible. But one day at her 7-year-old son Noah’s soccer game... more