After-school care

The 10 best online tutoring services for 2019

A variety of quality online tutoring services are available to students at the click of a button. Almost all offer text, video and audio chat, as well as advanced whiteboard technology. Online tutoring puts the tutor directly in front of the student for digital sessions of instruction on subjects from... more

9 child care subsidies every family should know about

Raising children is expensive. Many of us began budgeting for our new babies before they even arrived, but few could have predicted just how rapidly the costs of child care would grow over the last few years. According to’s Cost of Care Survey, one in three families are... more

The 7 best productivity and calendar apps for families

There is no job in the world quite as busy and overwhelming as that of being a parent. Family calendars quickly fill up with practices, recitals, birthday parties and hundreds of other things that you need to keep track of each month. Add in the various to-dos and must-dos that... more

10 options for after-school child care

Parents manage a unique balancing act during the school year. Kids might get excited by early dismissal, snow days, teacher work days and other days off from school, but these schedule changes often leave parents struggling to find after-school child care. The hours between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m... more

101 after-school activities for kids

It's no secret that after-school activities do wonders for a child's development. They're linked to improving social skills, grades, overall coordination, sense-of-self and relationships with adults other than mom and dad. After-school programs and activities also give kids a chance to be themselves, free of the structure... more

When can kids walk to and from school alone?

Parents struggle with many things when it comes to the safety and security of our children. One scary question that a lot of parents face is how old kids should be before they walk to school on their own. Who makes that call? Although crime rates are down nationwide, it... more

10 ways to get kids to love school

As the summer winds to a close, kids know what's coming. It's the evil "s-word": School. Yuck! But school doesn't have to be synonymous with fear and loathing, for your kids. Whether it's your child's first time attending school or they've gone through several... more

When is the best time to do homework?

While the morning get-up-get-ready-get-to-school-and-work rush is bad enough, the afternoons can be just as tiring. Parents are exhausted from working and running around all day and kids are tired from being in school. And now it's time for homework. Many parents have to listen to the heartfelt pleas of... more