Pregnancy & newborns

12 baby birth videos that (really) prepare you for the big day

Your belly is growing, and so is your anticipation. After months of doctor’s appointments, swollen feet, backaches and developing an unstoppable nesting habit, you’re totally ready for labor and delivery. But the unpredictable nature of childbirth can make any mama-to-be worry themselves into a frenzy over what may or may... more

Night nanny vs. night nurse: How they help and what they cost

Ask any new parent and they’ll tell you: One of the most difficult adjustments after having a child is navigating the erratic, sometimes nonexistent, sleep patterns of newborns. One way to clock a little more shut-eye? Hiring either a night nanny or a night nurse — the latter formally being... more

10 ways motherhood makes you extraordinary, according to science

Kids, man. Some days it feels like they just might kill you. But here’s a secret: They’re probably doing the opposite. Despite the decrease in sleep, time and money parents tend to experience after having kids, a number of studies indicate that women can reap a number of physical and emotional... more

8 ways parents say you can help after baby arrives

There's no way around it: Those early days with a newborn are hard. From dealing with the sleep deprivation and keeping your new baby fed and healthy to balancing all the additional housework — the challenges of a newborn may seem endless. Luckily, our friends, family and coworkers are... more

Baby congestion: 5 common causes and remedies that work

Babies are often stuffed up and congested, but when is a baby’s stuffy nose something to worry about? If your baby sounds congested, it’s important to narrow down the potential causes. Seeking professional medical advice from a doctor or nurse should always be your first line of defense. But knowing... more

The 10 best nipple creams, according to breastfeeding moms and experts

Some nursing moms sail through breastfeeding with nary a wince or twinge of discomfort while others experience pain in the form of sore or even cracked nipples. (If you fall into the latter category, take [emotional] comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. One 2013 study found that 44% of... more

30 wonderfully weird celebrity baby names

With new celebrity babies always comes a whole slew of new (and renewed) celebrity baby names. Then it's just a matter of time before these celebrity kids names — no matter how weird or how wonderful — start to see a surge in popularity with everyday parents, too. "A name that has not... more

12 unique push present ideas for new moms

Growing an entire human being in your belly for nine months is a lot of work. Moms-to-be deal with all sorts of unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, countless doctor appointments and many uncomfortable sleepless nights — and that doesn’t even get into what happens during labor and delivery. While you feel that... more