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Preventing senior caregiver burnout: What to watch for and how to cope

When you’re caring for a loved one who is aging or ill, people will often say things like “You’re so brave” or “I couldn’t do what you do.” But most of the time, you don’t feel especially brave or heroic. Although caring for a senior can be incredibly rewarding, a... more

April “Senior Sense”: Caregiving Through a Crisis

By Liz O'Donnell  Caregiving on a good day, can be stressful. Caregiving during a crisis can feel completely overwhelming and that is certainly the experience of many caregivers I’ve spoken to since the coronavirus outbreak started here in the United States. Some adult children cannot see their parents who... more

March Senior Sense: 4 Game-Changers for Dementia Caregivers

By Liz O’Donnell In my father’s final months of his life, I visited him every day. He was living in a skilled nursing facility and was confined to a wheelchair – no longer steady on his feet. It was springtime, and I would wheel him outside every day and we... more

February Senior Sense: Caregiver Guilt Is a Choice; 3 Ways To Choose Differently

By Liz O’Donnell After my mother died, I was racked with guilt over the amount of time I spent, or rather didn’t, with my father. He was a grieving widower who had recently relocated to an assisted living community, and he was lonely. I “only” visited him one night a... more

January “Senior Sense”: Realistic Strategies for Self-Care To Try In the New Year

As a veteran of the sandwich generation, who knows first-hand the pressures of life squeezed between the demands of caring for aging parents while raising my children, being told to take care of myself used to send me straight to the pantry for a sleeve of Oreos. Those seven little... more

December “Senior Sense”: The Top 5 Steps to Take for Long-Term Care Planning

By Harry Margolis   Unfortunately, with longevity comes the increasing likelihood of needing care, whether due to cognitive decline, short-term injury or illness, or more chronic disability. Family members provide the bulk of this care, but it can be a burden on families and some seniors don’t have family members... more

November “Senior Sense”: 6 Simple Ways to Make a Home Safe for Seniors to Age In

By Marisa Cohen   Enjoying post-retirement in the home you raised your children in — or in the comfy condo you bought when the kids flew the coop — is the dream for many seniors. But age brings physical and cognitive changes that can make staying at home a challenge... more

October “Senior Sense”: Self Care Tips for Alzheimer's Caregivers on the Brink of Burnout

Caregiving for a family member with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a full-time commitment. Even if you’re not living with your loved one full time, you may worry constantly and be on edge every time the phone rings. You might feel guilty about time spent away or taking care of yourself, and you may feel... more