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October “Senior Sense”: Self Care Tips for Alzheimer's Caregivers on the Brink of Burnout

Caregiving for a family member with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a full-time commitment. Even if you’re not living with your loved one full time, you may worry constantly and be on edge every time the phone rings. You might feel guilty about time spent away or taking care of yourself, and you may feel... more

September “Senior Sense”: How to Balance Senior Care and Your Job

By Liz O’Donnell   “I should just quit,” I thought to myself. I was exhausted. I had woken up at 5 a.m. that day. I answered some work emails, saw the kids off to school, wrote a freelance article and then drove an hour to take my mother... more

August “Senior Sense”: How to be a Strong Advocate for Your Elder Parents

By Liz O’Donnell It was close to midnight. I was worried, tired and cold. Why are emergency rooms always so cold? A few hours earlier I had brought my 91-year-old father to the hospital because he had a bad infection. I was my father’s health care proxy, designated to make... more

July “Senior Sense”: How to Juggle Parent and Kid Care in the Summer Months

By Liz O’Donnell Navigating life in the sandwich generation is tough enough during the cooler fall, winter and spring seasons, but the challenge becomes even greater during summer. That’s because for many people who are balancing child-rearing and eldercare, the months between September and May provide somewhat of a built-in... more

June “Senior Sense”: I Spent 30 Years Advising Families On Senior Care And I Still Wasn’t Ready To Care For My Mom

By Jody Gastfriend, LICSW, VP Senior Care | Recently published on Yale University Press   “I’m sorry for keeping my phone on,” I said as I introduced myself at a recent conference. I was excited to be speaking to thought leaders, industry experts and policymakers in Washington about supporting employees... more

Checklist: Everything you need to do after someone dies

After a loved one dies, it can be hard to think of anything beyond your immediate sadness and grief. But this emotional time is also crowded with logistics and practical matters. Use this checklist to help you move through all the steps you need to take when someone dies. Immediately... more

May “Senior Sense”: 5 Unexpected Ways Life Changes when you Become a Caregiver to your Parent

By Liz O’Donnell I heard about parenting all the time: “Your life completely changes when you become a parent,” my friends would tell me. “You won’t be that into work or parties. You’ll be exhausted and you’ll wear your heart on your sleeve.” Thanks to my girlfriends, I... more

April “Senior Sense”: What To Expect When You're Expecting An Inheritance

By Jody Gastfriend, LICSW, VP Senior Care Several months ago my sister made a surprising suggestion: Let’s sit down with Mom and figure out how this whole inheritance thing is going to work. Awkward, right? As a senior care expert, I give out a lot of advice about proactive planning... more